Should medical marijuana be legal nationwide?

  • Eric K - 7 years ago

    It's a shame that lawmakers in New York dragged their feet on passing the compassionate care act to legalize medicinal friend fought so hard to get the bill passed for her daughter who desperately needed it to keep the hundreds of seizures she had daily as a result of dravet syndrome at bay. Sadly the day after it was passed she had an epic seizure that put her in a coma from which she would never awake. She died 2 weeks later at the age of 9. She died needlessly because lawmakers put politics ahead of the health of children. Shame on them. It didn't have to be that way. As a result of her death governor cuomo changed his mind and is now asking that the 18 month time frame that they were requiring to put the system in place be expedited as fast as positive. Anna Conte's legacy will live on as her family continues to fight for this cause! #lovelikeanna

  • Ken Wolski, RN - 7 years ago

    It is gratifying to see this level of support for medical marijuana (mid-90% approval rating) in a mainstream publication like Parade. Here in New Jersey we have been working for over a decade to have a comprehensive medical marijuana program. The NJ Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act was studied and debated in the legislature for five years. The bill passed into law over four years ago, but in all that time only about 2000 patients have received state-legal medical marijuana in a state with a population of almost 9 million people. Most of these state programs are failures in various ways--the vast majority of patients who could benefit from marijuana therapy are still not qualified in these state programs. Even if they CAN get safe and legal medical marijuana, they are still lawbreakers when they cross state lines. There really is a great need for a national, comprehensive program of access to medical marijuana for all patients who can benefit from it.

  • eve - 7 years ago

    Med marijuana like other herbs should only be in capsule form to be legal. Smoking it is not necessary unless you want to be doped and look like an idiot

  • Dan Kaufman - 7 years ago

    Marijuana is a plant. Why is this plant illegal to begin with? It wasn't always illegal. I question the genesis of making it illegal. It makes no sense. Let the plant grow, and let people enjoy it. And lest you think I have any skin in the game, I've tried pot and it does absolutely nothing for me. So I don't use it. But plenty of people do. Let them. And the medical uses? It is criminal that their medicinal properties are being withheld from sick people. Criminal.

  • kramel - 7 years ago

    Medical Cannabis should be legal. Some medical conditions are better controlled and suffers have have a less painful existence, than with pharma. drugs. They do not care about anything except their bottom line. Aliments such as seizures, cancers, polio syndrome, migraines, nausea, just to name a few. Saying no to these people is wrong. Let them or one of their family members suffer and they know it could help and they still say no, I do not believe they would, when it's them or theirs with their pain/life on the line. Makes one wonder why then do they deny it people it would help. Striving to subdue one's aliments/pain, is not a reason to go to jail.

  • B - 7 years ago

    First off, MaryBeth Kozak I'm so sorry to hear of your grandbaby's suffering. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Second, I wonder how differently people against this legalization would think if it were their child or grandchild or even themselves who needed this medicine to survive and live a fulfilling life. I know I was at 68 lbs with collapsed lung from violent vomiting, unable to eat anything for 14 months I was on TPN for my sustenance. After having horrible bio logics and TNF blockers, steroids, and addictive opiates etc thrown at me, I finally went home and cannabis helped me eat on my own. It was tough to start eating again on my own and re feeding syndrome was a real risk. Please understand, people who vote against legalization are voting against ill people receiving their meds that can help them. It's that simple! You are keeping meds from ill people. From one of them, thanks for keeping my meds from me!

  • MaryBeth Kozak - 7 years ago

    My granddaughter who is seven years old has CP and has approximately 100-200 seizures daily. She is on Keppra, an anti-seizure med which has many side effects. Sophia lives in South Carolina, a state that just recently passed a bill for cannabis oil to be used in the state. Actually that was 4 months ago and the state hasn't gotten the "paper work" completed. If you do the math my granddaughter has had approximately 2400 seizures since the law was passed. How long must it take for the State to get their "stuff" together? This is basically a non-toxic treatment and her doctor said he was sure it would cut her seizures drastically.

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