If You Had Your Pick, What Penis Is "Ideal" for You?


  • Billy - 4 years ago

    When women say ANYTHING it has to be translated into something useful. "Size doesn't matter" translates to, "It doesn't HAVE to be a PSD, because most guys don't have one". But we all know women want the biggest guy they can get. Why else do you see tiny girls with guys that are more than a foot taller than them? They look ridiculous together, like pervs on parade.

    The simple fact is people love to hate the little guy. It's our favorite insult, and nobody dare contradict it or THEY will become a target as well. Never mind the guy had nothing to do with it. He has to pay. It's his parents "failure", but he has to pay for it until he dies. I'd imagine the stress of so much rejection and ridicule could lead to an "unhappy ending" for someone. Isn't that funny?

  • Jake - 5 years ago

    Unfortunately, men's body image issues don't matter at all in today's world. You just have to live with it, Rob. We should be glad that they wrote an article at all.

  • Stephen - 6 years ago

    I agree with Rob. There are many women who have satisfying sex lives with men who are 4-5 inches. That should have also been an option There wasn't any option for smaller was discriminatory.

  • Rob - 6 years ago

    I think it is telling that there is not even an option for below average. The idea that small could be a good thing is not even worth considering.

    Imagine if men were asked to pick their ideal body for a female partner, but the choices stopped at size 14. How horrible would that be for larger women to read. That it is not even considered possible that they could be someone's ideal.

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