SPEAK UP: Do you always tips restaurant servers? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Will you use the new Walkway elevator when it opens? 58 Yes, 97 No

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Poll posted 5 years ago.


  • Tammy Benkwitt - 5 years ago

    People need to know that most restaurants do not pay servers a regular minimum wage, but rather an amount much less because they anticipate guests will tip their servers. If a person has plans to go to a full service restaurant they should expect to pay for service on top of the cost of the meal.

  • John DeMadaler - 5 years ago

    Restaurants should pay a decent wage and add it to the bill and stop using tipping to indicate that their prices are actually lower than they are. Use an opinion card to rate the service.

  • Kevin Hathorn - 5 years ago

    I tip 20% pre tax if it was a good experience, bot I've tipped $3 on a 10-12 dollar meal if it was better than expected. Servers usually work hard and don't make a good wage...tips help a lot.

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