Favorite Jane Eyre Adaptation
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  • Fran - 7 years ago

    I have watched most of the Jane Eyre adaptions. I'm always disappointed with the choice of Rochester. Please, please, no more blue eyed, fair hair, light skin Rochesters. He must have black eyes & hair & a slight sardonic look which dissolves during his courtship with Jane. Also, I feel the script should keep as much to Bronte's story as is possible. Most of the 'Janes' have been excellent, particularly Samantha Morton and Zella Clark. Perhaps flashbacks to her childhood and more in depth dialogue between Rochester and Jane. Bring the passion on, particularly when they both finally reconnect after Rochester's longing and Jane's supernatural experience. St. John, Diana and Mary also play an enormous part in Jane's salvation. I just love the book and have visited Haworth and marvel at Charlotte Bronte's writing.

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