Which of these divides people the most in American society?


  • William - 15 years ago

    I was torn between Religion and Social Class but the deciding factor was the word America in the poll - in the world Religion would be the largest divisive influence but here we all walk side by side with different beliefs and continue to cooperate. Just a matter of only some of us are going to heaven and it's the Me group whatever you are. Silly fantastical world beyond. Many religions play on the concept that salvation will come after death, and liberals cater to the same dissatisfied minds with a more earthly sales pitch.

  • oldjoe - 15 years ago

    Since America is such a mess, which nation should we model ourselves after?

  • Dennis - 15 years ago

    you leftists always push social class as a divider because that's how you can control the poor. You tell them it's not fair that they don't have as much and that they deserve more, regardless of their contribution. Political party (or maybe ideology) is the big divider in the US. It just preys on social class to get support.

  • dscheffler - 15 years ago

    religion is the root of all evil

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