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  • Susan Grossey - 8 years ago

    Hello Roy
    This was my dilemma exactly - as you know, "Fatal Forgery" is about 58,000 words, and the new one will be similar. Like you, I baulked at adding words simply to pad to a more "acceptable" length.
    As for trying the traditional publishing route, having been told by several publishers and agents that their budgets are now so strained that they are only taking on known authors, or new authors who are "slebs", I decided that life was too short to wait.
    That said, I just love holding my paperback in my hands, and indeed seeing it on the shelf in the local bookshop, which is why I make the "other" suggestion of self-publishing as a POD paperback.
    Best wishes from Susan

  • Jenny Pellett - 8 years ago

    Would this word count count as a novella?

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