Do You Think Jay Tried To Talk To Liv


  • queentee - 10 years ago

    First off liv wasn't tryna bash beyonce like dat she was just stating da real about jay z people act like it's not possible fa her to get cheated beyonce ain't no better than da next chic she can get cheated on too...I really don't think liv was tryna bash their marriage beyonce came for her and she gave her wat she wanted. ..I always was taught if don't wanna hear the truth leave it alone then!!! Dey marriage ain't perfect jay z been was no good she should have known he is a pimp! Shit every women goes thru shit with a guy and she ain't no exception get over it!!! She only came fa u cause u came fa her ...everyone tryna make like dat lady just out da blue came for beyonce bullshit! You play with fire your ass get burn point blank now da jokes on YOU!!! POW!!

  • tiphfany - 10 years ago

    anythings possible hell halle berry got cheated on so some guys like different flavors they go to baskin and robbins and cant make up their minds so maybe he did but should she divorce him for it not yet give him a chance if he dont see what he will lose and mine only the home and family then divorce him its still early in their marriage but i just dont think jay z is dumb enough to try and holla at a wanna be up and coming and mess up his in the public lime light marriage relationship to the one and only crowned queen of hip hop right now the young lady with the song out just trying to gain publicity for a career she wants so bad that she may not be talented enough to have honestly they may have cross paths and jay may have critiqued her and she took it for a flirt you know some women you tell them you look good today they thank they can have you or you want them

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