What do you think of Rogers Sportsnet ousting Don Taylor?

  • John - 6 years ago

    Seriously spinerama? Blondes with big ones? You and Taylor are clearly both idiots.. Please follow his example and leave...

  • aaaagggg gagagaga ughhhhh baaaaaahhh ughhhhh - 6 years ago

    "aaaagggg gagagaga ughhhhh baaaaaahhh ughhhhh can't get to it!" Well, I don't get it... Taylor's one of the best ever sportscasters. Talk about all the colour and passion he puts into his craft... few have ever been as dedicated without an aura of superiority... a non-fake sportscaster that a sports fan could relate to. A real loss to Sportsnet.

  • Savardian Spinerama - 6 years ago

    I'm ancient (65) and I've suffered all kinds of bloviating, self-involved, joyless, ignorati sportscasters -- Ernie Afaganis , Don Witman (or less), Johnny Esaw, through to over-coifed, jerk-faced, talentless announcer types (oh, you know who you are, Rod Black -- may your Black dick fall off when you read this), or on to feral, vomit-spewing egotists (hello, David Pratt, Don Cherry, I'm talking to yoooo!) finally ending up with pretend blondes with big ones who can barely read the teleprompter.

    When Don firkin-genius Taylor returns, I will turn the sound back on my sports programs. Join the revolution!

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