Should Jennifer Rankine keep her portfolio?

  • Elke Lewandowski - 7 years ago

    As a mature society we should respect the 'unmade' children. How is it possible that a 16 year old is pregnant with a third child? Junkies have child after child? What about the taxpayer's right? They always have to foot the bill! What about introducing mandatory anti- baby-pill injections when those people have their hands open?
    And for Christ's sake: make the punishment fit the crime! No accuses: no bad childhood, drugs, amnesia: but responsibility!
    Hamilton-Smith is a loose canon - at least he is amongst his own kind now!

  • Barry - 7 years ago

    Hamilton Smith is useless,not to be trusted and a dodgy thinker. He and Rankin should join in hands and head into the sunset. No future for either of them.

  • phil - 7 years ago

    well now wonder this state is screwed,,, both side are as bad as each other and talk is cheap.
    if this was a private business none of them would have a job. how many ex mp of either side end up being in charge of a business, none.. consultants yes but how many of them are even listened to then

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