Do you think Jenelle Abuses her Husky?


  • Deborah Wharton - 7 years ago

    Janelle is exhibiting abusive behavior. If she abuses an innocent dog she has the capacity to abuse a child. She should not have the privelege of Caring for any living being. Department of family services and the humane society please intevene. God bless Janelles MOTHER and JANELLE please get help.

  • karen bush - 8 years ago

    People who think that this was abuse are the ignorant people, and they obviously have no clue what it is like to try to deal with an animal, or child that is no well behaved. Never mind while pregnant, with another child in the house at the time. She had an off day due to being overwhelmed by everything she had going own at the time in her life. I don't care who you are if you have a lot going on as she did, your going to loss your cool once in awhile. She was trying to deal with two large and strong dogs while pregnant, whom either dog could cause her or even Jace harm if they wanted to. And it is clear that the Husky isn't trained properly. As for leaving them in the crate together what was she suppose to do with them let them roam the streets while she was out getting new crates? And as for taking Jace to eat maybe he was hungry, if she hadn't of fed him all you haters would have been talking smack about that too. In my opinion, someone who loves animals, and has had them my whole like, child services animal activists are the truly ignorant once. Training a dog or caring for a child is different for each one of them. What works and doesn't work changes from one to the other. People need to get off Jennelle's back and let her live her life. She is doing much better now that she is older, and did what she felt was best for Jace back then, and if she was to choose to leave him in her mother's custody, since this situation is all he has known, that would be ok with me cause she is there for him, and is thinking of his best interest. Remember nothing against Barb but there has been episodes where he has been aggressive, and swearing and most children learn from what they see their parent, or in this case guardians do. So if he is being this way and with Barb most of the time, where is he learning this from on a daily basis? Barb at times reminds me of my ex mother in law. An over bearing power crazied manipulating person. I lived what Jennelle went thru when Jace was a baby, when my son was a baby the only difference between Jennelle and I was I was older and was more able to leave with my son.

  • Alisha - 8 years ago

    People who think this is not abuse, need to get educated. Ignorant people.

  • Alisha - 8 years ago

    People who think this is not abuse, need to get educated. Ignorant people.

  • Summer - 8 years ago

    Janelle, you make me sick. You don't know how to care for your children or your dogs. You are a terrible, self centered, abusive person. Shame on you. You don't deserve to have a pet.

  • Alison - 8 years ago

    This girl is horrible I'm outraged about what I saw that poor dog was terrified and I hate leaving my dog alone for a few hours let alone how long these ones were left crated which appeared to be a day my dog sleeps under my covers although I don't expect everyone to do this but I have attachment issues and so does my boston terrier I don't see why she's ever had pets seems like she's gone through quit a few as well!

  • Surprised and confused - 8 years ago

    I just don't get why she has the dogs still? Somebody take those animals away from her.
    1. Better for dogs
    2. Better for her
    3. Better for everybody
    Oh and can people stop watching her pathetic life? Who really gives two craps about her and her jailed man?
    She is not special (obviously she is not the only young mother out there), and I'm pretty sure some of those ladies have actually accomplished something in their life.

  • I hate you! - 8 years ago

    People in jail have more room then those dogs do. People in jail deserve to be there like murders, rapist, etc... She is an animal abuser and I wouldn't be surprised if her other child will be taken away from here.

  • Theresa - 8 years ago

    First off, abuse isn't ONLY just hitting and yelling at an animal it's also everything she is doing! I'm not sure why she is so screwed up in the head but you wouldn't lock your kid in a small crate with no room to move and stuff, would you? She has two big dogs in a medium size crate, she is fucking stupid and I hope someone is able to give those dogs a real home not some crazy drug using Pos! We all know we treat our dogs like family and for her to go crazy on national TV... Silly and childish. I feel so bad for her son, she isn't a mother she a future Lindsey Lohan. Oh and didn't I read she got animal control called on her because she left the husky tired up to a tree when it was raining? She should have kids on own dogs, cats, she should be alone.. In jail. Idc if she pregnant or not, I hope she doesn't treat her kids how she does her dogs but giving who we are talking about I don't think she will be a good mom. She sucks and if I could, I'd take her dogs and give them a real loving family.

  • Me!!!!! - 8 years ago

    Oh u shldnt cage animals but humans are caged in prison. . Okay!!!!! SMH

  • Bratnie - 8 years ago

    That was not abuse. And it's not like they were locked in there for many days! And all of you bitching about getting food first, smdh....... You bitch because she is a "bad" mom but then bitch because she put Jace first. Had she went for the dog care first you'd be bitching because she put Jace last. Had she beat the crap out of the dog, yeah make a big deal, stomp your feet, and shake your fingers at her. But for this stfu!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    People need to lay off everyone gets mad at times and just fed up I love my dog to dealth but there has deff been few times where I have probably gone to far with discipline least she apologized and admitted she was wrong

  • misty - 8 years ago

    That makes me sick if she is treat dogs like that what is going to do when her own kids make a mess what put them both in a cage if she can't handle to poor dogs then she not having kids bc dogs are just like children u gotta clean up after them feed them make sure they are okay see people don't understand that animals are just like humans and need to be taking care for and loved to not to be abused

  • Definitely abusive! - 8 years ago

    You are all nuts. You DO NOT crate dogs together, EVER and of you do crate dogs the crates need to allow for the dog to turn around and lay down. That little NEW CRATE she bought is SO not big enough for a husky, even for an hour. WTF. She's a lose and those dogs are being neglected if not abused. Damn I'm pissed. Don't own a dog if you aren't going to treat it withe kindness. Kids shit in their diapers, do you get mad? No because we all shit. If she can't let the dogs out to go to the bathroom she shouldn't habe them.

  • Cocker Mom - 8 years ago

    That was obvious animal abuse and purposely letting the Husky loose was illegal. Why cant she find a pet sitter or someone to watch the poor thing while Nathan is in jail? The dog tore up the garage because it was bored so that shows she doesnt take them out for exercise. How can anyone vote that this is no big deal? Idiots.

  • TeenIdiots - 8 years ago

    Maybe she should try walking the dogs.. Did she expect them to not shit or piss while Nathan was in jail?

  • Jess - 8 years ago

    He wouldn't pee and poo where he shouldn't or year stuff up if he was properly cared for. Huskys need a lot of excersize and there is no need for dogs to be in crates beyond being puppies! So cruel no question and she should not be allowed to have pets or children for that matter! Not even debatable.

  • Sandy - 8 years ago

    I know if she treated her dog like that in front of camera's I can only imagine how she is when the crew isn't around, I am upset that the poor dog is not taken away. She should not be allowed to have a dog and should
    spend time in jail and fined for animal abuse. Poor baby she's bringing into the world has no chance any more
    then Jayce we see how he acts, very violent like Barb and Jenelle.

  • Hill - 8 years ago

    Why even get dogs if you are just going to neglect them and leave them in a crate?! Your taking them away from a family that would provide a loving home. Makes me so mad...

  • Sherry - 8 years ago

    She shouldn't be allowed to have children or pets. Stuff her in a cage.

  • Crystal - 8 years ago

    She's pregnant trying to take care of everything ask by herself even she shouldn't have to. Nathan should be there helping with it all not Jenelles fault he needs to be a man that has three kids not a teenager. Clearly shows her dog is trained and Nathan's is not

  • Miranda - 8 years ago

    No she did not abuse the dog. She simply yelled at the dog and punished him for doing something bad he shit and pissed all over the floor and tore stuff up. And she had to put both dogs in the same cage while she went out and bought a new one bec the dog broke the other one. She is trying to get her son back she is trying to better her life for her kids.

  • Cristy - 8 years ago

    Did she at least go get the husky? How is she gonna be with a screaming baby???

  • Robin - 8 years ago

    Animals should be treated as part of the family. It really pissed me off the way Janelle treated the dogs, especially the husky!! I don't know how often she locks the dogs up in small crates, but they are big dogs that need to get lots of exercise and love. Janelle does not deserve to own dogs. If she reacted that harshly with cameras, I would hate to see her without them!!

  • A human - 8 years ago

    She is human. Everyone acts like she's scum if the earth. No one is perfect and she didn't even hit the dog. Yelling is not abuse. I would have yelled at it also for shitting and pissing everywhere. What do people exspect. Her to reward it...... And she doesn't have custody of her first son becuase she was a teenager. She felt she couldn't handle being a parent at that time so she signed over custody. Would people rather her party it up around her child like most teenage parents do nowadays. I'm not saying all teens do either. People are just as ignorant as the rediculous things they say.

  • Karri - 8 years ago

    What's with the 'she's pregnant' excuse?!? It doesn't give you a pass to be an asshole to your dogs. Millions of women get pregnant and properly take care of a dog. When a dog shits in their personal sleeping space, it obviously means they aren't being let out enough. The way the dog cowered when she came screaming full force at it, gives indication she is not nice to this dog at all. God forbid her new baby is colicky. How's she gonna handle that?!? Quit giving this idiot excuses to be an idiot...

  • Karie Buss - 8 years ago

    First off Debafra she didn't abuse the dog and Jennifer Haggerty turn her in for what she didn't hurt the dog you don't even fucken know animal abuse is if it hit you in the fucken face. go look up what it means before you start judging people mind or own damn business get a fucken life. putting a rope around a animals neck dragging them and beaten them to death that's animal cruelty what she did was not. your damn facts straight before judging.

  • Caitlyn - 8 years ago

    I don't think that was abuse at all. I'm pretty sure one time in our life we have yelled at our dogs and get so frustrated with them we're not proud of it but we do. And who said they were in a crate all day. Cratings actually good for a dog all 3 of mine are crated and they get locked up when it's bed time, or they do something wrong, or when we leave. Not abuse. Plus she's pregnant and there's hormones and obviously she didn't let them run far because they were seen in their crates give her a break once and a while. Nobody's perfect.

  • ashley - 8 years ago

    Really. She didnt hurt any one of those dogs. Honestly yall just like to be rude to people. I bet if you guys had dogs and they did that you would be pissed to. And she didnt have a choice but to leave then in the same kennel while she went and got a new one. Yall are some judge mental people. Its clear yall have nothing better to do then trash talk someone.

  • Jennifer. - 8 years ago

    First off she was preggo and frustrated she didn't abuse the dog she had no choice til she could get new crates for them so grow up n leave her alone not like she beat or killed the dog! If you've ever been pregnant you would know how stressful and hard it is to do a lot when you get bigger she even said if she wasn't pregnant she would've been fine! Pregnancy takes a toll on you when you 5/6 months along its harder to do things

  • Jacanita Jacobsen - 8 years ago

    What she did was not animal abuse. Yess she put both dogs in one kennel while she went for breakfast with Jace what else was she suppose to do? Let them run around and make an even worse mess of things?. If I was her in position when this happened I would have done the same thing, and I have two dogs as well and when me and my boyfriend got our second dog I was in my last trimester of my pregnancy. Being pregnant and dealing with two dogs is not an easy thing and I had help. So I can only imagine the stress Jenelle was going through at that moment.

    Forget about the haters Jenelle your a great person and mother.

  • None of your concern - 8 years ago

    She did not abuse the dog hell it tire up the couch an stuff an used the damn floor as the bathroom i would have put my damn dog in a cage as well an outside while gone not like she tried killing it or hurting it alot of ppl who say yes are just hipocrites an act as if they never done something like this well u get a dog n have it rip shit up or shit n piss all over the place an tell me how mad ull be an u cant say u wont be mad abuse is when u harmed the damn thing ppl take abuse way to far like ppl yelling at an animal ppl will ur abusing it

  • Krystal - 8 years ago

    She did not abuse the dog in any way. What was she supposed to do let the dogs run free while she bought a new cage..yea right! The never hit the people need to mind their own business!

  • Debafra - 8 years ago

    She cant even take care of her kid why the hell should this surprise us all that is is awful to the dogs? Those dogs were happy as hell to run and get away from her for a reason. Animal control needs to take them away from her that is awful!

  • bull crap - 8 years ago

    Goodness shes prego their wtf you want her to do load them up and take them to breakfast she went got them cages and look at the mess it made id did more than she did goodness ppl shes human

  • dont worry about my name - 8 years ago

    The dogs are still alive to this day why the he'll do you care

  • Angie Gomez - 8 years ago

    Its not a big deal she didn't beat it it didn't suffercate it wasn't all day lock up and she went to buy a new cage and had no choice to but them together stop making it a big deal people

  • Rebecc - 8 years ago

    No I don't think that was abuse she is pregnant and the dog tore stuff all over the place n used bathroom all in her laundry room if I was pregnant n a dog did that I'd be mad to

  • Jennifer Haggerty - 8 years ago

    If I knew who to call, I would turn her in. I cannot believe MTV let the crew continue to record after seeing that. Goes to show they are in it for publicity. Makes me sick to think about

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