Did You Enjoy the first episode of Black Jesus on Cartoon Network?

  • Katon (Official Que of the show) - 8 years ago

    What up Rod and Karen! Being from STL and growing up a few miles away from where Mike Brown killed is crazy. I'm so mad about this incident that I'm shaking. Anyway I got the talk from my mom and other males in my life before I was the age of 10. Once when I was pulled over with my wife in car with me and after the police found it in his "heart" to let me off without giving me a ticket my wife turned to me and said "you know I hate how you have to be so nice and respectful to cops as a black man, but they don't have to respect you". My wife is 6 months pregnant with our first child now, a boy and I know I’m going to have to give him the talk so he isn't out in these streets acting like Carlton Banks on that episode the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air when he and Will got pulled over by the cops. Also I'm mad at my fellow STL folks for rioting and looting on Sunday night. Stealing rims and nasty ass hot dogs from QuikTrip is not helping this situation. Now those 60 inch TVs those niggas stole from Wal-Mart and Sam's will help the cause. Anyway love the show!

  • 0roburos - 8 years ago

    Bruh , About the guy from Texas ( Lets Go Aggies) who got Knocked the F out in Philly trying to help a lady out on the street harassment tip.. There is a reason no one else in RittenHouse Square said a damn thing. (its in the middle of downtown)

    Ya see them boys in Philly dont play. I remember once going to pick up some Trees one of the local Dealers (This is Norf Philly and no i didnt spell that wrong) run into his house being chased by cops (slammed his steel security door so they couldnt get in) then after the cruiser pulled up leaned out the window with what looked like an AK bust about a clip worth of ammo into said cruiser and watched the cops run away. (yeah he ran off down the block a while later gun in his hands up on some call of duty ish.. ) Yeah , Like i said ..Dem Philly Boys ... they dont play..

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