Should news websites have reader comments on articles?

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  • Steve Graves - 6 years ago

    I think comments should be disabled on certain topics, i.e., traffic deaths and local murders. Other than that I think the NP needs to monitor their TOS (terms of service) a little more closely.

  • Scott Wilkinson - 6 years ago

    I enjoy and leaving comments on FMNP's articles. I think the comments have become much less derogatory and personal over the past year, and now are more relevant and informative. A "What's your beef" venue would only be for complaints, whereas the "comments" venue encourages discussion.

  • charlie meyer - 6 years ago

    I enjoy reading the reader's comments regarding controversial topics but……it seems as though there is a small group of participants that regularly pursue their non productive agendas in reference to the topic at hand.

    Additionally, many comments in my opinion are baseless and derogatory.

    Perhaps a better venue would be a section titled " WHAT'S YOUR BEEF?" that would allow comments.

    It would be much easier for your editorial staff to censure.

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