Do you, or someone you know, suffer from depression? (Poll Closed)

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  • Fire Eyes - 5 years ago

    Prayer and Jesus DO help depression, but like all other medical conditions, it needs to be thoroughly researched as to the root cause. Is it a brain chemical imbalance? Is it the cause of some emotional trauma? As a Christian, I'll say some depression is caused by sin and refusal to repent or to make something right with someone else. To say ALL depression has one cause is short-sighted and does countless amounts of harm to those who are depressed.

  • David Purvis - 5 years ago

    Depression is controlled by medication , not religious thought. It is a serious condition that can be controlled thanks to science.

  • Hospicegal - 5 years ago

    I know several but it is controlled with medicine. I do know one that attempted suicide, unsuccessfully...thank God!

  • Jim Smith - 5 years ago

    Everyone knows someone who suffers from depression. Not everyone who suffers from depression lets people know they are affected.

  • Linda Vornheder - 5 years ago

    Depression is not a moral failure. It is an injured brain, often from an imbalance of naturally-occurring body chemicals.

  • Frank - 5 years ago

    Go to church, pray, and love your neighbors, family and count your blessings each day.

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