Who's the best teacher from TV or film?

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  • Barb Meister - 2 years ago

    Sidney Poitier - To Sir With Love, , was definitely the best and so reflective of today's students.

  • Kay Gonsoulin - 5 years ago

    Sorry. It was Michelle Pfeiffer in "Dangerous Minds."

  • Kay Gonsoulin - 5 years ago

    Why no women on your list-Cameron Diaz in "Dangerous Minds" and Hilary Swank in "Freedom Writers"
    and some classics with both Anne Bancroft and Patti Duke as Miss Sullivan in "The Miracle Worker."

  • Len - 6 years ago

    Venus Flytrap (Tim Reid) teaching the inner-city guy about the atom.

  • Don Franklin - 6 years ago

    Next week will be my 50th year in the classroom. I think we can all relate to the candidates mentioned, as well as many more actors... with a movie it is rehearsed and reviewed. In the classroom is like stand up comedy. For that reason I liked Robin Williams in a serious role. The good part about teaching is that making a better day for everyone else can make a bad day for you... I think that is what happened to Robin Williams.

  • Ellen Nichols - 6 years ago

    I wonder if Mr. Williams recent tragic suicide is skewing the answers? I second Portier for To Sir With Love. That's an oldie.

  • Vivian - 6 years ago

    William Daniels as Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World. HELLO?! Obvious winner. CJ knows what I'm talking about.

  • Cj - 6 years ago

    Where the hell is George Feeny from boy meets world

  • Jim Coffman - 6 years ago

    Sidney Poitier "To Sir With Love" should be on the list. He's number one.

  • Roth Logger - 6 years ago

    Howard Hesman in Head of the Class

    Sidney Portier in Chalkboard Jungle are worth mentioning

    and Morgan Freeman in several of his movies

  • D. Gregory - 6 years ago

    No one will probably remember the greatest teacher so I want to do a write in: Petra "Press" . He was the son of Serbian immigrants and a real professional basketball player turned coach. A movie was made many years ago about Press's son for whom the movie was named: Pete Maravich. My write in for Best Teacher is Petra "Press" Maravich.

  • Lynda Laurence - 6 years ago

    Mark Thackeray is the incredible teacher his students call "Sir" in To Sir With Love (1967). He is No. 1on my list.

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