Should unlicensed contractors be arrested more often?

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Posted 5 years.


  • Ron Welebny - 5 years ago

    If that unlicensed - uninsured handyman or his helper falls off your roof and becomes paralyzed; who do you think will pay - and pay - and pay?

    If your three thousand dollar un-permitted fence is found to be on the neighbors's property, who do you think will to pay to have it removed?There is no end to the list of nasty possibilities associated with the hiring of unlicensed - uninsured ;contractors." There is a reason that they are cheap...

    These cheaters can gain employment with a licensed contractor; where they will be covered by Workman's Comp among other benefits. If they are "entrepreneurs" as cited in a previous comment, why wouldn't they study for and pass the requisite examinations - and earn a contractor's license?

  • Fernando Pettineroli - 5 years ago

    God. What a reverse in American entrepreneurial values. Now jailing people for trying to make a living WORKING just to protect the revenue of a government that spends like a lottery winner. In the meanwhile there are daily shootings and daylight bank robberies all over town. Geez.

  • Doris Brown - 5 years ago

    There's a contractor next door to me working out of his house - I'll bet he's not licensed - and I don't like it that he's got construction equipment and material with laborers coming and going in a residential area. I think I should report him to code enforcement.

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