The music track "Death Wish" should play on what heist(s)? (Choose up to 3)

Select up to 3 answers.


  • Plumtree - 7 years ago

    I know its not looking good for me right now, but I hardly play deathwish missions because I don't have any friends to play with, and this is my favorite song in the game so its gonna suck for me if this gets set to deathwish only :/

  • WestTheBest - 7 years ago

    Deathwish only, I mean the song litterally sounds like Deathwish.

  • Omar Farhoud - 7 years ago

    This reminds me of mission impossible & it has the night atmosphere thingy Sooooo Framing Frame - Day 1 & Framing Frame - Day 3.
    PS:most people voting for loud missions because of the name.

  • pantera924 - 7 years ago

    it fits on watchdogs day 1 and the escapes.

  • pantera924 - 7 years ago

    This is my favourate song because it sounds like rock music and i grew up with rock.

  • cat - 7 years ago

    It shouldn't show up in any missions because Death Wish is the only song in the entire game that is unlistenably bad.

  • feydude - 7 years ago

    Keep this Death Wish Only.
    @ Ersent sorry that you feel that way, but if you can't handle it you can't handle it. Play more and try to learn some good weapons and skills builds, and get more experience. Deathwish isn't a thing you hop into when youre level 20 or something. I actually think they should lock Deathwish heists to people above level 40 at least (infamy counts as being above), you dont know how many times ive had to kick level 10 new players hopping into deathwish firestarter or rats and saying "but i want exp fast". NO. It doesnt work like that, you've got to earn it, not hope for a free ride at someone elses expense.

  • cottton - 7 years ago

    doesnt sound like DW to me.
    for me this sounds more like a track for a trailer.
    so - no vote

  • 12 - 7 years ago

    FS day 3/Bank Heists and Jewelry/Ukrainian should've been one option.

  • James - 7 years ago

    Like most people here I agree it should be reserved mostly for loud missons (Rats, Firestarter, Non-stealthed elephant missions, etc). It also suits escape missions quite well too I think. The idea about it only playing in death wish difficulty is another good idea IMO, as it would make the song feel more epic and thus make the mission at hand feel more epic too.

  • Xelx - 7 years ago

    These are really weird choices I mean

    U/Jewel/Diamond should fit the in one cat

    all bank missions even GO bank should be 1 cat *exclude TBB Heist

    I under stand the day ones separate, but loud days like rat day 1 and 3 should be the same cause both can't be stealthed.

  • Anon789 - 7 years ago

    Vote watchdogs day 1 it fits perfectly.

  • Ersent - 7 years ago

    I'm a low level but I love this song, I can't play Death Wish heist so first option is STUPID

  • dark100ify - 7 years ago


  • ErikG96 - 7 years ago

    I agree with those who said that this track should be kept exclusive for Infamous heisters.
    It's an awesome, hard-edged song that only the best of the best deserve.

  • Obey138 - 7 years ago

    Rats day 1, Firestarter day 1, Watchdogs and anything played on DW difficulty

  • GRiLL$ | The Eldermon - 7 years ago

    I think it fits watchdogs better than any other heists. since it's loud only and is intense on pretty much any difficulty above Hard.

  • Shake - 7 years ago

    Firestarter Day 1, definitely. That heist is a quick hectic injection, especially when you have two separate hangars.

    Jewelry Heist? Diamond Store? It should be hectic, not something as easy as those

  • i.h - 7 years ago

    no one else thinks that you should hear this track when your at the FBI's building? and the soundtrack is supposed to be about the strength of the police force as Derp-kun said

  • Derp-kun - 7 years ago

    Since Death Wish-soundtrack is about really strong police force, I think the music would be most fitting to situations where the police have the upper hand (or seem to have, but it's the Payday gang, so..). Best instance for this would be Framing Frame day 2, since they actually ambush the crew. Predictable from player's PoV, but still.
    Another good one would be Watchdogs day 1, because the police stop the truck carrying narcotics. And they have shields and and FBI surrounding the vehicle.
    3rd option was difficult, but I'd go with Rats day 1. Just because the guy on the megaphone upon police arrival sounds so confident.

    It's the track about the police. Let them have their glorious moments before the Grim Reaper pays them a visit.

  • Kobes - 7 years ago

    Why do you make a music update, when there are still people with connection issues (e.g. Connection to the host has been lost)?

  • Gambler - 7 years ago

    Rats day 1 It was the first time I heard it.It was SOOO AWESOME WHILE COOKING METH AND SHOOTING WITH COPS !!!!

  • Sonicstingray - 7 years ago

    I think Death Wish should be reserved for the typical loud missions: Watchdogs day 1, Escapes, Rats, and so forth. Also, since the trailer was taken from the Harvest & Trustee setting, it makes sense to put the Death Wish track on while doing bank heists, especially on Firestarter day 3.

  • applenorris - 7 years ago

    Firestarter Day One, Failed Election Day Day 2, Watchdogs Day one.
    But should be only randomly for assaults.

  • Drakhor - 7 years ago

    The reason this poll has the most votes is because it's the first one. The problem is that it doesn't link to the next poll after completion, forcing people to go back manually in their browser history... and obviously, many aren't willing to do that, hence the lower amount of votes on those polls.

  • SkyLeR - 7 years ago

    Death Wish is my favourite track in PAYDAY 2.
    I'd like to hear this music on intense "rush only" missions like Rats (Day 1 especially) and Watchdogs (both days).

  • Unplanned_Organism - 7 years ago

    I think this one fits perfectly Watchdogs day 1. Think about it, before the truck doors open, the music goes loud, perfect match. Also down parts are great on moving bags.

  • Lord Sipia - 7 years ago

    Death Wish, being a rather slow track, always makes me think of bulldozers and shield officers. And Firestarter day 2, for some reason. At any rate, it fits best with missions where heavy units are your main concern, IMO.

  • Alfie - 7 years ago

    I think this should have a chance of playing during assaults both on Death Wish difficulty for any heist, or on Pro Jobs while on Overkill difficulty.

  • JOSELGRAND5 - 7 years ago

    i think its the best music

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