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  • Anna - 5 years ago

    People don't know their Hamlet. Hamlet dies. Jax will die.

  • John S. - 5 years ago

    I believe that "The Prodigal Son" of J.T. (Jax's Father and moral compass), Jax, will return to trade his life in for that which ultimately means the most to him, his sons, and their future. But not after he literally becomes The Reaper himself! I forsee a scenario where in the end everything finally comes crashing down all around him and this time there are no options. None. I see a scenario in which the only true innocence and decency in his life are in mortal danger, his boys, and he lays down his life, NOT for the club, once AGAIN, but FINALLY sacrifices himself for the reason that he should have made all along, and it will be for THEM.

  • Killa - 5 years ago

    everyone will die except Gemma, she will have to live with the fact that she's responsible for everything and her punishment is the lost of everything she fought to protect…

  • Tara - 5 years ago

    It's going to break my heart but I think Jax is going to die

  • sarah - 5 years ago

    Jax will live, be imprisoned and see his boys grow up to be Pres and VP

  • Wendy - 5 years ago

    Jax will die..so will Gemma this will end the cycle of death and mayhem from their family. Wendy will raise the kids.

  • Kelly - 5 years ago

    Jax is the reaper he's pissed and I think alot of people will feel his pain..

  • nancy - 5 years ago

    I believe Sutter is a man of his vision and word. I doubt this late in the game he will give us any real info because he is mind fu@king us with impunity.I believe all hints constitute four play and are as real as I love you at climax. He will keep it real up to the last frame so hang on suckers here we go.....can't wait for Sept. 9th.

  • Jason Lake - 5 years ago

    It's Hamlet. Jax has to die.

  • Ashley - 6 years ago

    Can't wait for season 7

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