Tig will:

  • Kaeotic - 6 years ago

    I think he may, just really don't want him to.

  • Anna - 6 years ago

    Tig adds so much to this show, he is the comic relief......he is such a pure heart, if just a tad kinky lol. Please don't kill Tiggy, any one but him!

  • nancy - 6 years ago

    To lose Tiger would be sad beyond the obvious. He is the most quirky and comical of characters. He presents as a major screw up but with the most sincere heart. He loves the club but will usually react out of the box impulse is his modality. I believe he is the major player beyond Jax and to lose him would present hardships to Sutter s flexibility.

  • heLL paso - 6 years ago

    vvvvv I meant Tig is the most likely NOT to die.

  • heLL paso - 6 years ago

    Tig is not dying. He's been up shit creak so often, I consider him the most guaranteed member of the show to die. If, as Sutter says, 2 members die, you can guarantee one of 'em is gonna be close to Jax. The two guys left in the crew, who has always has his back and who he trusts the most are Chibs and Happy. One of them is definitely dying.

  • Jordan - 6 years ago

    You can't kill Tiggy...anyone but Tiggy!

  • Joey - 6 years ago

    Come on tiggy cant die !!!

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