What's Arizona's Best Burrito?


  • Mariano Gonzalez - 8 years ago

    Miami, AZ, at Guayo's Miami El Rey. It's called a Burro.

  • Rebecca Kay - 8 years ago

    First of all, if you're calling it a burrito you're doing it wrong. The best BURROS (burrito is Spanish for small burro) I've ever had are in the Globe-Miami area. La Casita, Burger House, Chalo's; all great Mexican food!

  • Jim Rosson - 8 years ago

    Hands down Globe / Miami Mexican food is at the top of the ladder. whether its Guayo's, La Casita, Challo's, or my personal fav. a regular burro at the Burger House. you can not find anything that truly compares.

  • Tonia Renee - 8 years ago

    My personal favorite is El Ranchito in Globe/Miami Az. Their salsa....amazing! Then I would have to say Burger House, followed by Los Robertos.....can't beat the Mexican food in Globe/Miami♡

  • Robin - 8 years ago

    Everywhere in Globe/Miami is excellent. Burger House is a personal favorite.

  • Tina W - 8 years ago

    I've tried Mexican food in several places in Az as well as several states and there isn't anyplace that can even come close to the Mexican food in Globe/Miami AZ....

  • Karen - 8 years ago

    Globe/Miami Mexican foos is the best!

  • d.sitz - 8 years ago

    Globe - Miami all the way baby! Burger house#1

  • Lisa Doherty - 8 years ago

    Globe/Miami Guayo's on the Trail has the best burros: regular, bean, and green chile!

  • Larry Mora - 8 years ago

    Globe Miami by far has the best mexican food hands down.

  • Joseph Yniguez - 8 years ago

    Globe/Miami has the best Mexican food hands down. Can't beat a good regular burro, fresh and hot or as a delicious cold leftover! My top three are Irene's, Chalo's, and my old childhood stomping ground where my mom used to work, Burger House!

  • Karen Scales - 8 years ago

    Globe-Miami has the best Mexican food anywhere. No matter which restaurant you choose here, you will not be disappointed. I have favorites from each place, but I frequent Guayo's El Rey, or Guayo's on the Trail the most. The value is unbeatable, on average half of what you would pay in the valley for the same meal. Plus, the owners come out to say hello. I've never had that happen anywhere else.

  • Lee Ann Powers - 8 years ago

    The Mexican food at the many restaurants in Globe and Miami, AZ is the best! Ask anyone in town where the best food in Globe-Miami is, and they will respond, "Well, what do you want?" I love the shrimp burro or the super nachos at Los Robertos, the beans and green chili at Chalo's, the nachos or the green chili chicken quesadilloa at La Casita East, the chicken chimi and salsa at Guayo's on the Trail. Green chili burros at just about ANY of the local family restaurants (Los Robertos family is from California) is the best in the world! When I go to visit my son who moved to The Valley, he always asks me to bring green chili or regular burros (beans and chili) from Globe....

  • Louise - 8 years ago

    Globe-Miami has the best Mexican food in the entire world. Guayo's on the trail has the best salsa.
    Any restaurant in the two cities has the finest food. You will never eat any where else.

  • Riley - 8 years ago

    The best Mexican food in the state can be found in the Globe/Miami area hands down. I have traveled all over the world and eaten at many Mexican restaurants and nothing compares to Globe/Miami. They have the best hands down. Favorites are Guayos, and Burger House. YUM!!!

  • Hungarian - 8 years ago

    Best burro is a regular burro enchilada style from any restaurant in Globe-Miami :)

  • Gary N. Smith - 8 years ago

    The Mexican food, with the Sonoran flair, that is served in Globe/Miami is the best. There is no comparison with any other place in Arizona, or the United States. The food is simply the best! Now I am off to Casa Reynoso in Tempe for lunch--my home away from home for the best Mexican food!

  • Jane Howell - 8 years ago

    Globe/Miami has the best burros. Any of the restaurants there, but especially the Burger House in Miami.

  • Annie Harris - 8 years ago

    Best Burros are in Miami/Globe. My favorite is at La Casita - but I like the tacos best at Guayos, either On the Trail or in Miami. No comparison about Mexican food anywhere else but Miami/Globe!

  • Salina Sialega - 8 years ago

    Bean burro enchilada style from any Globe-Miami Mexican restaurant! Mostly Chalo's because their hot sauce is unique - no other like it!

  • Hungry - 8 years ago

    Any Mexican food restaurant in globe / Miami is fantastic . But on of my favorites is El Ranchito in Globe

  • Hungry - 8 years ago

    Any Mexican food restaurant in globe / Miami is fantastic . But on of my favorites is El Ranchito in Globe

  • peter vlastelica - 8 years ago

    da best is in the globe/ miami area. through the times, the la paloma restaurant in miami was the best back then, and would be the best today if the gonzales family were still at the helm (kitchen).

  • Damien Kern - 8 years ago

    Hands down born in Globe Arizona and we have the best mexican food in Arizona La Casita is the best! Seriously you guys need to make a trip to Globe, Az

  • Angela - 8 years ago

    Globe/Miami has the best Mexican food anywhere! La Casita in Globe is my favorite!

  • kathy riley - 8 years ago

    Best Mexican food in the state of Arizona comes from globe/Miami

  • Catherine Lamont - 8 years ago

    I never eat Mexican food outside of the Globe/Miami area. There is no comparison and I would be sorely disappointed! Any of the Globe /Miami restaurants are awesome!

  • Twila Carr - 8 years ago

    Gotta agree...Globe-Miami has the best in the world!

  • Levi Rogers - 8 years ago

    No holds bard, the best"burro" comes from the Globe/Miami area. I've worked and rodeoed all over the country. Ate several Mexican restaurants and none can compare to the ones back home. I'm sad I live in Kingman now and only get to eat the food once in a while.

  • Terry Hagedorn - 8 years ago

    Being from Yuma, I never heard the term "Burrito" until I went to school in Flagstaff in the late 60's. When I asked the difference to them between "Burro" and "Burrito", they replied that "Burros" were filling rolled up in a flour tortilla and then served. "Burritos" were also filling rolled up in a flour tortilla, but deep fried before being served. Don't know if this still applies, but that's what I was told back then and several places had both "Burros" and "Burritos" on their menus.

  • Laci Goretcki - 8 years ago

    La Casita in Globe has the best Mexican food in AZ...also we call them burros!!!!!

  • Jeremy - 8 years ago

    I've been all over the state and eaten at a lot of Mexican food restaurants but the best burros are from the Globe-Miami area or one of the Reynoso's locations. Most of these places can't come close although if I can't get to Globe or over to Tempe, the El Jefe from Nando's isn't too far off of the Globe-Miami standard.

  • Bob S - 8 years ago

    Globe/Miami by far. Not even a contest. My favorite is the El Rey in Miami...

  • Chris - 8 years ago

    Best Mexican food by far is in the Globe/ Miami area. The burger house is great

  • zoniegirl - 8 years ago

    The BEST by far can be found in Globe/Miami!!

  • JoAnn Bradley - 8 years ago

    All of the Reynoso family's restaurants are the best. La Casita and Challo's in Globe, Casa Reynoso in Tempe, Xavier's in Mesa, etc. Try them enclilada style!

  • anadee - 8 years ago

    Best burrito at Guayos in globe ariz

  • Floyd Livingood - 8 years ago

    The Carne Asada burro at Los Roberto's in Globe and Albiertos in Payson are pretty fine.

  • Virgil Alexander - 8 years ago

    The best Mexican food in the Southwest comes from Globe-Miami: Guayo's, La Casita, El Rey, Challo's, Cocina de Casillas, and their offshoots, most notably Casa Reynosa in Tempe, La Casita in Thatcher and Show Low.

    And by the way "burritos" are California. In Arizona they are called burros. Calling the burritos is like saying Press-Cot instead of preskit.

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