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  • mike foley - 5 years ago

    The city seems determined to do everything possible to keep people from bringing their business into town. It was bad enough that Poughkeepsie has long charged high rates for using municipal lots; now they are charging even higher fees, and adding parking meters to boot. (I recently used the Cannon Street lot when I went to DMV to store my plates. The DMV charged me one dollar--but the lot charged me $1.50 for the seventeen minutes it took to transact my business.)
    One reason that people routinely visit the malls is that parking there is free. The city acknowledges that it expects to collect more from tickets than from the meters themselves; in the long run, is that revenue worth the ill-feeling it will generate among its citizens? If Poughkeepsie must continue to charge, it should at the least do what many cities with thriving downtown areas do: allow for validations for patrons of the many fine restaurants and other businesses in the area.

  • Susan - 5 years ago

    The parking meters are up, the meter man is out, the city is raking in the extra bucks and the local business people are going to go out of business. Way to go City Hall! I avoid the city of PoTown which I use to embrace and find free parking at the mall. The P in Poughkeepsie does not stand for PROGRESS it stands for POOR decision making from our elected officials. For shame.....for shame!

  • Bob Ulrich - 5 years ago

    I was neutral on this money making scheme until reading these very astute citizen comments. If I were a businessman in Pok , I would be especially nervous for my future now. Stop to get a pizza and get a ticket ? Simply go to a mall, one that put Main Street out of business years ago when they first went in.
    How many times do the politicos of Pok need to relearn this lesson. Be user friendly or stay away. Certainly, in retrospect, NOT a good idea to promote downtown business and growth. Another nail in the coffin ? We'll soon see.

  • JoeV - 5 years ago

    Wow! This decision has to be one of the worse ever.. I can't believe someone actually projected 1.3 million in revenues to begin with. City businesses located where the parking meters are will most likely lose revenue. Top that off with now suggesting city owned property be sold off to make up the shortfall and there you have it. Poor, poor planning. As Carol Rohde stated "this has to be the WORST decision the mayor and common council could make"..... I wholeheartedly agree.... Very sad and shortsighted...

  • Anonymous - 5 years ago

    The worst is in front of Social Security bldg. maximum 2 hrs? Are you kidding me? The people who have to go there are our senior & disabled citizens. Can they run or to feed the stupid meter? Do you have a meter next to the single, handicapped parking space? How rich does the city of Poughkeepsie think those individuals are? Shame on you for the whole money making scheme! $.25 for 1/2 hr is highway robbery.....

  • County Worker - 5 years ago

    I have only used the meters when driving a county vehicle. We have to use our own money to park and then be reimbursed by our employer. The county should have entered into an agreement with the city to exempt county vehicles from paying for parking as it becomes an extra cost to taxpayers. Not only in the cost of the meter, but also in costs associated with time spend processing reimbursements.

  • Carol Rohde - 5 years ago

    This is a post script to my previous remarks......I understand from a conversation today that the city has purchased special, small vehicles used by the meter readers. How much did these cost? No mention made of these.

  • Michael Pastor - 5 years ago

    I've lived in Poughkeepsie area for 50 years and never had to pay for parking in the city. I do a lot of business in the city . When these parking meters were installed , I stopped going into the city. Why should I pay for parking when I could park anywhere else for free. I feel this is just another way the politicians are putting our hard earned money in there greedy hands. If the city needs money, put a freeze on local government 's raises. Or even better yet stop wasting tax payer's money.

  • Linda Gutowski - 5 years ago

    Who came up with this bright idea!! I won't go to the city any more. It was building up, but now I know alot of people who say "forget It". You have to put money in just to pick up a pizza!!! I feel bad for the store owners. They will take a hit from this one. For every action there is a reaction! These meters are ridiculous. Anybody getting a kick back for this? I mean really, I hope somebody is making some money out of this, because the proprietors of all the small business that were finally opening up in Poughkeepsie aren't. I'm surprised that they didn't march on City Hall and demand that this not go through. Myself and numerous friends would frequent a lower Main st establishment for the delicious pizza and food that they have. But you know what "Not any more!!" There are other places where if you are waiting for an order and it takes alittle longer than expected, your not going to get a ticket!! Heads should roll for this one!!

  • Local Poughkeepsie Resident - 5 years ago

    The meters don't upset me as much as the fact that $.25 gets you 10 minutes, thats's a rip off!! Charging $3.00 for 2 hours is ridiculous. I regularly work in uptown Kingston where there are parking meters as well but they are more reasonable. $.25 at least gets you almost a half hour and dimes & nickels add a few minutes as well. I met a client for lunch yesterday on Main Street and our meeting was interrupted because he had to run out and feed the meter as his food was coming out. Then I had to interrupt my own sales call to go feed my meter as well. Do these meters right or don't do them at all.

  • mmmkhjk - 5 years ago

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  • Claudia Ackerman - 5 years ago

    Remove the parking meters! Isn't it clear that the meters deter potential visitors to the city? I do everything possible to avoid the city of Poughkeepsie now. Such poor strategic 'planning'.

  • Resident trying to love this city - 5 years ago

    Once again, Poughkeepsie officials are so greedy they become shortsighted. This summer, for the first time, friends and family have taken to going to Waryas Park...eating at the nearby restaurants, visit to the Children's Museum then just enjoying leisurely strolls along the shoreline orjust enjoying the rest of the afternoon on the benches. We've ventured away from the waterfront to check out the bistros. But there's something psychologically damaging about knowing there's a ticking clock going..it makes you want to rush. You put meters on the waterfront many people will be drive away. I for one will just go back to enjoying the waterfront from the beautiful Beacon park. Poughkeepsie- always finding a way to shoot yourself in the foot.

  • Carol Rohde - 5 years ago

    Will not try to park in the city unless on a Sunday to go to Alex's for breakfast or after 6:00 p.m. in the evening. We now make dinner reservations for 6:15 p.m. week nights.

    I know several store owners whose businesses have suffered. Will we wait until they close and Main Street becomes a ghost street?

    This has to be the WORST decision the mayor and common council could make. There is no way we will hit $1.3 million/year because we have to repay the loan of $600,000+ as well as the salaries of the 5 individuals the city has hired to police the meters.

    With so many other real and serious issues in this city, we are chasing fireflys!

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