Were you disappointed that the Densi scene was cut from "Spoils of War"?

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  • Laurel Van Horn - 9 years ago

    I really enjoyed Diane and Gayle's discussion of the deleted scene. Although I understand what Gayle is saying and her reservations regarding the scene, I agree with Diane. When I first viewed it, I didn't care about their personal issues or the fact that they work together or anything else. For me, it was time for Kensi to kiss Deeks and time for Deeks to tell Kensi he was in love with her or falling in love with her. It was also time for them to make love, which they surely did. From that point on, they had made a commitment to each other that really transcends all the other "stuff" and opens the way for them to work on all their personal and/or joint issues together and truly become a couple in spite of all the issues surrounding them. This was no one-night stand; this was progress in a complex relationship, for better or worse. I thought the scene was perfect, even though its frame was violent and graphic. Kensi awoke, looked at Jack, and immediately thought of Deeks and their "love story" just as he thought of her during his horrible torture. Plus, it was beautifully acted and so, so in character for the two of them. I'm thankful that TPTB, as Gayle calls them, at least put it on the DVD and that our shipmates got it onto Tumblr, etc. for us to see. I think TPTB realized they had something the fans would surely want to see, but they also realized that it might speed things up too much. That also explains Deeks being the one to step back now and Kensi understanding it. I'm really looking forward to Season 6, especially when it comes to our lovers, because "the course of true love never does run smooth," as we all know from experience. So, I'm ready for a bumpy ride and a triumphant Densi sometime in the future :)!

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