What grade do you give the series finale of 'True Blood'?

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  • Nabila - 3 months ago

    I'm still hoping there will be another season after season 7. Sookie should end up with Eric. They deserve it.

  • Rachelle Weisel - 2 years ago

    I have to agree with the two people that said up to season 5 was amazing... and I think a lot of that was because of Suki's interactions with Bill and Eric. and the other person who commented that Hollywood had to have their 'happy small town little ending'. TOTALLY agree there. was no need for a 'Leave it to Beaver' ending to such an amazing show that had a wonderful Edge to it'. and a great central character that was so complex. To give her such a boring ending and lifestyle was so unfair. And to make her kill off the one man she really loved was sickening. Oh and by the way that was such a cop out to not at least let us know who she married for god sakes. Don't you think we were owed that much. I could see that being a teaser if there was another episode but there wasn't. Nor apparently is there going to be a sequel.

  • Rachelle Weisel - 2 years ago

    I'm a latecomer to the series and just started watching it. not to mention how addictive it is, I had to go on the internet to see if Sookie would ever get back together with Bill or even Eric for that matter. But really Bill her true love and vice versa and forever. Which really is how it should have ended. the full circle. how it began and the perfect ending. But to find out that Sookie actually put the man that she loved, truly loved, her first true love and lover, to death at his behest, BY HER OWN HAND YET made me FURIOUS! When when has Sookie ever listened to Bill. only to her heart. He was the man she loved more than ANY man she knew, vampire or human, though Eric admittedly was a close second. and, admittedly, I did root for him at times. there scenes were incredibly hot and touching. It was so sad and so depressing. I think about it now and I start crying. It doesn't make sense. Why did Bill get Jessica and her boyfriend his Blessing? But he was not allowed that happiness for himself? The love that Jessica had w/ her bff could not hold a fireball to what Sookie and Bill Had. I am a published writer myself and would have never ended it that way . that shouldn't have happened. Sookie wasn't meant to live a boring life. she might have wanted marriage, children, she always wanted a 'normal', happy life. BUT WITH BILL!!! She wanted it from the beginning and I'm sure she wanted it in the end. so it made no sense to give him this Ultimate Death as some selfless act to release her and give her happiness. they had to find another way. she never really would have done it. Not the way she was portrayed in the rest of the series. she never would have done iI..so the writers should have created a way that she could have had it with Bill if nothing else Eric because she truly love them both. but Bill was the first and Bill as he put it 'would always love her' 'Sookie you made me feel human for the first time in One hundred and forty years, you made me feel things I thought I would never feel again'. And he made her feel safe, loved. Remember she was the one who ran to him. Who always let him in, who implored him him to suck her blood and bite her when they were making love. she had magical powers. she could have used them instead of to possibly kill him, they could have created something where she could make him human. and THEN they could have gotten married. because there WAS a point when Eric was in the fairy world and thus in the light because he drank some of Sookie's blood. so that could have happened with Bill, for ever. However the writers worked it.
    AND THAT would have been the right ending.

  • HM - 5 years ago

    Not upset Bills dead was getting tired of the whole Bills sick thing. I think there should be a catch up of all in a year from now just to keep it going.

  • HM - 5 years ago

    Not upset Bills dead was getting tired of the whole Bills sick thing. I think there should be a catch up of all in a year from now just to keep it going.

  • hkaufman - 5 years ago

    Gave it a b, may be b+, writers left Sookie Stackhouse in mid air, who did she marry, you see the back of a head and thats that, some say Bill was reincarnated??? Come on Writers ,,, let every one know, we did not spend 7 years to find out Sookie married an unknown......

  • CigarsNLeather - 5 years ago

    A complete travesty. For a series that has so much bite, pardon the pun, in the first 5 seasons - it capitulated to the Hollywood formulae of everyone must end up happy.

    HBO is losing its edge - sad to say

  • David - 5 years ago

    They could have come up with a much better ending to the series. It seemed like they just rushed everything to just get it over with. It doesn't make any good sense.

  • JRS831 - 5 years ago

    What was this episode called - "True Blood Meets Leave it to Beaver"? It was a joke. I knew we were all in trouble when I saw the title of the episode, ("Thank You". That's an hour of my life I will never get back again.

  • scrappyjsm - 5 years ago

    The finale just like the rest of the season except for maybe 2 episodes ( of which only a few scenes were good in it rest was boring) was a drag. Most of the scenes made NO sense..we're pointless and very disappointing. I was more sad to see Tara die over Bill. Violet (who wasn't even a main character) had more respect on her death than Tara although Hoyt came out of " no where". He just magically appears and knows who to shoot? I was a big time true blood fan until the end of season 5. From there it was just such a drag . Storyline all over the place..we don't know if sookie is married or even who that guy is. Honestly..I would have much rather her at least have ended up with Eric..instead she is pregnant with someone who didn't even show their face..I was very disappointed not only for the grand finale..but the whole season..So Willa lived and Jessica ( when they fought the hep v vamps at fangtasia) but Tara was killed and she was actually a true fighter? Make peace with her mom is all okay but it still sucked..either way..I am a fan of season 1-4..after 5 it all went down hill..there's no coming back from the "goo" remember...but Bill did when he drank that stupid blood...lol sorry for babbling this season and finale pissed me off..no wonder the show was canceled...thanks for ruining true blood new director!!

  • Alicia - 5 years ago

    The show ended so much better than the book series did, that it seems like a fantastic job

  • janet davis - 5 years ago

    We should have at least saw Skokie s husband or boyfriend I watched every show and it.didn't end right with Skokie being pregnant in the end

  • tammieK - 5 years ago

    I have been a true True Blood fan from Season 1 episode 1. I gave the season finale an A. I wanted to give it a lower grade, but then I realized it would only have been because I'm going to truly miss my Sunday evenings with the cast of True Blood. Farewell and R.I.P True Blood. You will be forever missed.

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