Who would you like to see play the lead role in a drama about Nick Clegg?

  • Angela - 6 years ago

    Is Satan available? Or is he already playing David Cameron?

  • login nogin - 6 years ago

    anne widdicombe to play clegg in age after a sex change, or if its a spoof boris johnson if its a psycho thriller killer then get cameron to play clegg

  • david pearce - 6 years ago

    I thought sponge bob was playing IDS. So I'll nominate a wet rag instead :P

  • AUSSIE - 6 years ago

    I've got an old rubber plant, I call him Wayne and he's on his way out, but I reckon they'll get a better performance out of him than they would out of the real deal, in fact they would get a better performance out of the s**t Wayne lives in than they would out of Cleggy

  • Fletch - 6 years ago

    Pudsey the Performing Dog may seek legal advice for bringing his name into disrepute, after all, his act was very impressive compared to Nick's. Anyway, I reckon Michael Sheen will get the part - he always does.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    Australia pleads, begs,grovels…
    Please take Tony the Liar Abbott back, he was born in England and we do not want him.

  • Lorna Ginette Harrison - 6 years ago

    I personally would have liked there to be another option to play Nick Clegg. Perhaps a particularly turgid radish?

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