Would comments like those made by Calare principal Chris Cundy affect your decision to send your child to the school?

Posted 4 years.


  • Caty - 4 years ago

    This is not the first time this man has made comments like this and yes since he has been at the school. When these comments come out my family and I were happy as for us we thought now people will see this man as we do,but it appears not....
    To those who think he has done good for the school think again ....... Our new wonderful signs that you can't read or are rarely changed come at a cost to the students not being able to get reading books and the garden kitchen was pushed by Mrs Bray not Mr Cundy. He has pushed to make the school a P1 school so he can bennifit when he retires. He is not a good roll model theses and other comments and actions are not brain freezes, if this was the only time he had made a 'mistake' ( as a lot of people are refering to this as ) you could forgive and move on but it's not .

  • Anna - 4 years ago

    He must have quite a hide to be remaining in his position. The feeling and tone at the school is very unpleasant - Mr Cundy should be stepping down at least until the Minister makes a decision.

  • David - 4 years ago

    "Blurred the schools image"?? You've done worse than that ! You've destroyed all confidence in your leadership and the reputation of this fine school.

  • Craig - 4 years ago

    I am shocked and disgusted by Mr Cundy's note to staff. I'm afraid these are his real attitudes which are totally unacceptable for a person in his position. I think he should go.

  • Terry - 4 years ago

    Resign Mr Cundy, There is not an employee, student or parent at Calare Public that could respect you now.

  • Denise - 4 years ago

    Nothing can dilute this dreadful behaviour by the Principal. How could the school community ever forget his incredible insensitivity. If the Department wont move him out then the Minister should intervene.

  • Joanna - 4 years ago

    I have always supported Mr Cundy but I am so deeply disappointed in him that I can no longer do so. I think he should step down.

  • Francis - 4 years ago

    The comments made by the principal are an indication of his attitudes and true feelings. The apology counts for very little - a much much higher standard is expected from a person in such an important leadership position.

  • Samantha - 4 years ago

    I think Mr Cundy should resign - How can he continue after making these utterly inappropriate remarks ?

  • Adam - 4 years ago

    I would like ask Scott Elliot if he has a child with a disability?

  • Sue Heffernan - 4 years ago

    A stupid mistake yes but haven't we all made those?? Ask the kids if they would want him to quit.

  • Sue Heffernan - 4 years ago

    A stupid mistake yes but haven't we all made those?? Ask the kids if they would want him to quit.

  • Scott Elliott - 4 years ago

    I find it interesting and disturbing that many people are so quick to judge. We seem to live in a society where people judge without knowing all the facts. Anyone that knows Chris Cundy knows what a pleasant man he is. He is always making jokes and I can assure you this incident is no different and he has been taken out of context. The one thing I can assure you is; he has the interests of every child at heart at Calare School and always has. Both my kids went and still do go to Calare and I will support him to the end. Some of his comments appear to be inappropriate but because of his light hearted nature I know in my heart his comments are all tongue in cheek. Chris Cundy is a tireless worker for the Calare school and its' students. He supports a wide variety of activities at the School, from academic and sporting to programmes such as the Stephanie Alexander Cooking and Gardening programme. This programme is possibly going to close and Chris Cundy has gone way beyond his means to ensure the programme stays at Calare School. Is this the sort of thing a principal would do that didn't care? Come on everyone please re-think your comments. Sometimes we make a mistake and something we say is misconstrued and taken the wrong way. Mr Chris Cundy is a fantastic Principal and some support would be really great; he certainly has mine!

  • Lynette JUSTICE - 4 years ago

    Good grief!! This man is employed by NSW Government as an "educator/administrator" to his school. NOT, to play role of medico into MENTAL ISSUES.
    Perhaps, his comments were not acceptable to protocol. It was "in-house" comment, used to sabotage a man who very likely does well in his role.
    Chris Cundy, cannot be held responsible for issues of other government department responsibilities

  • Jodie Prior - 4 years ago

    You clearly do not have a child with a disability attending calare public . You have not witnessed that child rise above public ignorance only to discover the person you entrust with that child has the above opinions !!!! Black humour or not his comments are disgraceful disgusting n demorilizing and he needs to be removed

  • Peter - 4 years ago

    Comments seem to indicate parents thought he school was a caring and sharing type school. Their actions are the main thing, not their political correctness. The fact the principal is behind this program and trying (although using inappropriate language) is far more positive than many other schools. He will drive positive change .

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