Is the UK better off inside or outside the EU?

Posted 4 years.


  • Hugh - 4 years ago

    You would have thought the political policy-makers would take some note of a poll like this!

    UK is in a position to trade freely with the EU because all our industries and products have had to meet the required standards for years. A Common Market is a thoroughly good thing and we need to negotiate similar trading agreements with as much of the rest of the world as we can.

    The major problem with the EU (as opposed to the Common market) is that other countries force UK to accept EU Regulations that have no bearing on trade and so adversely affect our lifestyle. We are forced to pay welfare to citizens of other countries who don't even live in UK and we are forced to accept unlimited immigration of other nationalities who often speak little English and have cultures and habits that radically change our national identity.
    Part of the problem

  • mike reading - 4 years ago

    If the UK is outside of the EU, when negotiating for trade or political reasons it would have the choice to make decisions that will affect the UK.

    Any compromises by the UK would be in the knowledge of benefits or otherwise to the UK.

    The current situation is that others outside of the UK make decisions that the UK must abide by , irrespective of whether it is in the best interest of the UK.

    The UK will be better off in the longer term if it controls its own future-at the moment it is a puppet of the Brussels Soviet

  • again me - 4 years ago

    if border will be closed the most foreigners will stay in EU and YOU will have to learn our languages and go on our EU trade ;-)

  • me - 4 years ago

    foreigners are now learning to more communicate with you for better business. I spend a lot of money from my country for turistic attractions, for petrol, food, accomodation etc. and you do not see something better if you can take my money every day ? :-D

  • Tony - 4 years ago

    Those who claim the UK is better off IN the EU, whether in Political, Banking &/or Commerce circles etc. are those convinced that they personally would lose out Financially if we were OUT. They refuse to examine in a constructive manner any alternatives &/or proposals which could be in the best long term interests of the country overall & the vast majority of ordinary people. They do not want to deal with the continual interference of EU Commissioners & EU bodies in the way matters are run in this country unless it affects them personally. They try to dismiss anything they do not agree with as either irrelevant &/or of no consequence. No-one has clearly proved with indisputable facts that the proclaimed Benefits of staying In are going to improve matters in this country.

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