Was the Iyanla special in good taste?


  • KJ Dolla - 10 years ago

    It baffles me that anyone lets this woman in their life. She doesn't have any credential that qualifies her to even try to fix anyone's life. As for this show, of course I didn't watch this horrible garbage. She didn't go down there and fix anything, She seen an opportunity to capitalize on a huge news story and she took advantage of it. She should be ashamed of herself for trying to exploit anyone, especially people of the same race as her in the manner that she did.

  • PrinceLeron - 10 years ago

    That shit was disgusting. I'm soooooo glad that I did not watch this shit. I imagine that she did a wink and a nod to all of the white housewives in America during this interview. She just trying to capture that Oprah fan base. I noticed that she did not say anything positive about the Ferguson community. And she was slaying me with the opinion that black people give permission for other black people to kill them. What the fuck is that. Why doesn't anyone ask white people, how come you only care about black kids being murdered when the shooter is white. I'm tired so tired of having disingenuous conversations with people that refuse to go into the full depth of the issue. I called people scared to their face when they do not want to discuss the racial aspects of this case. They can't answer the simplest question. For example, I asked "If officer Wilson was black, would they have waited so long to release his identity?" I'm officially finished. I will withhold all thoughts and opinions until the final gavel is slammed.

    Or something tomorrow during Ferguson with Black People makes me so mad that I'll lose control again.

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