Do you enjoy when celebrities nudes leak?


  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    I woke up labor day morning and them nudes where all over my Tumblr feed. I actually unfollowed the blogs because I thought they were going ham with them fakes. I didn't know that they were real until I read the story online. And all of them joints are real. Photoshop "experts" were saying the J-Law and Kate Upton pics were fake until they admitted it. Victoria Justice also admitted her joints were real too. I was actually mad when I found out they were real because I wanted to have the moral high-ground of not seeing them. I hate Jennifer Lawrence because of my Anne Hathaway agenda and I'm not pressed to see any of those Nickelodeon women. I still haven't seen the Scarlett Johansson nudes and refuse to go anywhere near the Erin Andrews video.

  • delphrano - 8 years ago

    i wouldn't say i enjoyed 'em...but of course i looked, because.......naked.

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