If the Windsor mayoral election were held today, who would get get your vote? (Poll Closed)

  • Ernie The Baconman
    156 votes

  • Drew Dilkens
    481 votes

  • Timothy Dugdale
    13 votes

  • Robin Easterbrook
    26 votes

  • Larry Horwitz
    685 votes

  • Henry Lau
    70 votes

  • John Millson
    1,027 votes

  • Raymond Poisson
    3 votes

  • Mike Tessier
    17 votes


Posted 5 years.

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  • edward busko - 5 years ago

    Just a comment about john millson. all the best john, BUT. i remember back when john was still mayor. he pushed JOB creation and helping the WINDSOR economy. YOURE A POLITICIAN JOHN. it was a saturday morning and i took my family with me to buy meat at cattlemans meat market on detroits east side. as i was walking in the door here was OUR MAYOR JOHN MILLSON walking out with a BIG purchase and a BIG BAG. he walked out SO FAST. i wanted to say, HELLO MR. MAYOR im from WINDSOR. he took off to his vehicle so fast. i noticed ONTARIO licence plates on his vehicle. i DIDNT make a mistake about who it was. MILLSON SPED OFF. almost met the mayor but he was in a hurry. (maybe not to be seen). tom joy millionaire racetrack owner gives MILLSON a job. HOW CONVENIENT. WINDSOR ECONOMY. WINDSOR JOBS. WHY DIDNT YOU SUPPORT A WINDSOR BUTCHER JOHN ? youre a TRUE POLITICIAN. the $200,000 a year for mayor of WINDSOR isnt bad either with all the PERKS. people arent STUPID JOHN. youre looking out for # 1. HOPE YOU LOSE. EDWARD BUSKO

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