Will you watch "AHS: Freak Show" if it features killer clowns?

  • Jim - 6 years ago

    I'ts American HORROR Story! It's meant to be Scary! It's a Carny...Carny's have Clowns...many people are afraid of clowns. It would be stupid not to have killer ones. So if your afraid of Clowns then feel blessed, watching AHS won't be a waist of your time.

  • Rendel - 6 years ago

    Why wouldn't there be clowns?

  • Yvonne - 6 years ago

    I've been terrified of clowns since I can remember, but AHS is my favorite show and I'm not going to let my fears take that away from me. I'm ready to be frightened! (:

  • Joanne - 6 years ago

    Clowns are creepy to begin with and I believe will make the show more scary and creepy so heck yea! Bring on the killer clowns!!

  • Teresa - 6 years ago

    AHS is my ultimate favorite show and this season can't start soon enough! By the way clowns are boring to me, I have seen so many killer clown movies and simply lose interest in them but, I'm game when it comes to AHS! Let's get this party started...

  • itsy - 6 years ago

    Clowns freak me out but I love AHS and oddities so I'm still super excited to watch :)

  • Chaz - 6 years ago

    Fuck yes!! !I love AHS and I'm so excited to watch! What's a carnival without clowns?

  • Kelly - 6 years ago

    The promos about gave me an anxiety attack but I will still watch. I may close my eyes on the clown parts.

  • Phil - 6 years ago

    Give me a break. Grow up people! If you can't handle watching scary clowns, then don't watch. Your loss wimps!

  • Crystal - 6 years ago

    Sigh... CLOWN FREAK ME OUT!!! But I love love love AHS. So as a true fan I'll watch it no matter what...

  • Akiki - 6 years ago

    I love AHS! Bring in the clowns! People who are petrified of them are wimps! I wish I could force my sister to watch so she would sh*t her pants and have nightmares! Hahahohoheehee...

  • wayne - 6 years ago

    I HATE CLOWNS !!!!!!! But I Love American Horror Story...A LOT,, so count me in.

  • Veronica Fowler - 6 years ago

    People are terrified of clowns. I am not but my husband is lol isn't the point of AHS to be terrified?

  • Oriana - 6 years ago

    I live for killer clowns! The creepier and more disturbing, the more I love it!

  • Jillie - 6 years ago

    I'll watch, but that doesn't mean I won't be crying in terror and closing my eyes tight!
    Clowns freak me the hell out.

  • Kendra - 6 years ago

    Bring it, I'm ready !! I love American horror story!!!

  • Anna - 6 years ago

    Killer clowns, excellent! Can't wait!!
    Every AHS has been fantastic, killer clowns can't hurt ;)

  • Di - 6 years ago

    Nothing more horrifying then clowns. And what is a circus without the freaks and clowns. Come on we all watch AHS in hopes of having the freaky to scare the crap out of us.

  • coxlov - 6 years ago

    Better have the damn clowns in it, few things more frightening then greasy child eating clowns.(Captain Spaulding and pennywise)

  • deb - 6 years ago

    for the love of god I hate clowns they scare the shit out of me, I love AHS and this season is going to be the shit and even if I have to wear depends while I watch and sleep with my daughters nightlite I am watching!! LOL

  • Jessica - 6 years ago

    I love LOVE ♡ this show !!! First off its called freak show and at the carnival you just had to know there will be clowns !!! I love it ! !! I know so many ppl that are scared of clowns I'm going to love watching them watch the show ..it's the point to be creeper out and scared :-) keep the clowns :-)

  • Shannon - 6 years ago

    The word "horror" is right there in the title. Why would you stop watching a scary show just because it has something scary in it?

  • Taylor - 6 years ago

    I am very afraid of clowns. I don't think I would be able to watch this season if they added killer clowns. Too many nightmares!!

  • Jennifer Rose - 6 years ago

    I am terrified of clowns but it's kind of the point of the show. Im soaked!

  • Mercedes - 6 years ago

    Im not a fan of clowns but WHO CARES !? American Horror Story is the best show everrrrrr !! I will definantly watch whatever sick & twisted ish they decide to throw in there ! I love it ! Bring on the killer clowns ! :)

  • Vicki - 6 years ago

    I'm not happy about the clowns, but I'll still watch. I found the Asylum season to be the hardest to watch, but hung on for that season too. Coven has definitely been my favorite so far.

  • Kaja - 6 years ago

    I am a huge fan of ahs but when it comes to clowns out me out. I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to watch that season. Makes me sad also cuz I am a huge fan of Jessica Lange. I watch everything she's in. ): I don't feel like having a heart attack from a scary clown

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