My favorite NFL team is...

  • Will - 7 years ago

    Giants suck, cowboys r gay, eagles couldn't buy a ring, and who cares about dem S.F. golddiggin' son bitches...... Go Redskins!!

  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - 7 years ago

    there you go again channel CBS 6 focusing on the worst NFL team called the Deadskinscompletely wrong with mainstream and social media don't know what you're talking about get the facts straight I am a Ravens fan and always will be a Ravens fan up in a Ravens fan for the last 19 years didn't like the Redskins since Joe Theismann blew his knee out. ,nobody my family likes the Redskins

  • Dukemaster - 7 years ago

    SF 49ers

  • Henry - 7 years ago

    I'm a loyal Philly Eagle Fan B-4 Cunningham was giving defenses a fit !
    Richmond,VA is my home. Could never be a Redskin fan. I know their history. Segregation in any form was/& still wrong ! The mistreatment of black players was horrible w/this organization I can't let go of the pass to EVER cheer for their success ! That's just my 2 cents.

  • Cvg - 7 years ago

    Lame on the choices! NY Giants! Big Blue !

  • Debra corker - 7 years ago

    go Cowboys

  • Teasha Morgan - 7 years ago

    My favorite team is the New York Giants. GO BIG BLUE!!

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