Do you agree with the BCTF's call for binding arbitration?

  • Debbie McBride - 8 years ago

    Queen B. Your comments show you don't understand the situation.

    Teachers cannot teach to their best ability if they are constantly dealing with special needs students, instead of teaching.

    At your work place, during a work session or meeting, are you there speaking or trying to learn about something? Is the session constantly being interrupted by a co worker suddenly screaming or getting up and running around the room? Does your manager, then have to calm and remove the person from the meeting, taking them to another "boss"? Does it seem fair to you that your meeting has been interrupted yet again? Does it seem right that your time in the meeting was wasted because you were prevented from learning or presenting? What if there are 2 more disruptions like that from 2 other special needs employees during every day?

    Then, how will you feel if the facilitator can't get back to giving you feedback on your presentation because he or she must then write up a report for other managers to let them know what happened? Mad? Upset?
    This goes on day after day, how do you feel about that? How do you explain to other employees that you aren't up to snuff on the material presented at those meetings? Do you blame the facilitator or management because they won't hire someone to look after the special needs people in those meetings?
    You know that the Special Needs employees have a right to be there, but don't you wish there was someone else who could deal with the non teaching issues in the meeting, freeing up time for your questions and allowing you to concentrate on the matters at hand?
    Think about it, then complain again about how teachers aren't focusing on teaching.

  • Leslie Dycke - 8 years ago

    Any Government that ignores two Supreme court rulings obviously considers itself above the law. So if any Government that doesn't obey the law is a lawless government and thus a dictatorship.

  • Gini - 8 years ago

    This morning the 'Yeses' had 92% and now they only have 28%........WTH happened??!

  • Queen B - 8 years ago

    The problem is that the public school system is not working!

    I happen to know with certainty that MANY students are being pushed through school without the skills required for competency.

    Many poor students could become good students if they were given the attention they need by the teachers who are expecting additional pay for giving those students the much needed attention.

  • Merran Proctor - 8 years ago

    While it is sad that negotiations could not be successful this is likely the best solution to keep our public school system working.

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