Should the teens’ parents be charged for their children’s actions?

  • None of your business - 6 years ago

    Shut up, fucking animal. That's EXACTLY why society looks down on blacks, because they're nothing but lowlife savage motherfuckers. The ONLY thing you bastards need is a good ass kicking and left for dead. One less (or more) of you would be a blessing to this world.

  • misteriousme - 6 years ago

    My thing is how did this girl know that it was about to happen that she had camera showing them coming towards Kroger? Instead of all these people recording why didn't they call the police? At that point security was recording and gave the phone to the girl why? Why wasn't he calling police? All that and recording instead of protecting the kid that got jumped... They said they were planning this at CICI pizza why were they targeting this kid? I know that he was not the only white kid there working... So why him was there a motive to this? DId they know this boy bc I know that he wasn't so this is why I don't think it was a hate crime.. Hate crime would be going after all the whites there.. There are whites that work at this Cici pizza as well... So there must have been a reason this boy was attacked I just wanna know why!!

  • Whip cracker - 6 years ago

    Back from Ferguson reverend? That shit don't play in my hood. Come on down to Ga boy.

  • fuck yo - 6 years ago

    shut da fuck up before it happen to yu pussy

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