Which guy is the one for Morgan?


  • Courtney - 8 years ago

    I read the book and love KRAD at the end. I mean super hot dark elf who wants love!!!

  • Kristin - 8 years ago

    Frey all the way.

  • Anne - 8 years ago

    Sorry, the p.s. is wrong. I meant in the swan story the hero is my favorite. :-)

  • Anne - 8 years ago

    The problem with Devon even with all the attraction is the fact that he is such a player. He seems way too mature in his attitudes for Morgan. I wish Aysel wasn't so rude, but his back story could account for that. It would be nice to see Morgan get the respect she deserves and see her bring some light into Aysel's life. I'm not sure Devon could be with just one woman. I dislike the (double standard) it's OK for the older guy to have all this experience and 1001 relationships behind him, so he can teach the naive little girl all about love. Like I said before it's very rare for a guy in his walk of experience to become a one woman man.

    All that said, I love every book you have written. This is your story. You should go with your gut feeling on this. Just please remember to give Morgan the respect and love she deserves.

    Thanks for asking your audiences opinion.

    P.S. In the cinderella story it has to be hero. His gentle loving care for her won my heart. :-)

  • Kelly A. - 8 years ago

    I can't decide between Devin and Aysel! (Though I am leaning a bit more on the Devin side.) MBRC 2 will decide which one! :D

  • Rebecca Kellogg - 8 years ago

    Morgan shouldn't be with Aysel because all she feels with him is attraction. She shouldn't be with Hunter because he wasn't going to let her leave which implies that he doesn't care about her or respect her. She should be with Devin because he actually cares about her, she enjoys being with her, and he has shown some major character development for the better. I feel like Aysel and Hunter will never change and Morgan deserves better.

  • cailin cerda - 8 years ago

    I think Morgan should end up with Aysel, mostly because no one will be expecting Asely of all people to fall for a human or Morgan to fall for him ,unlike Devin. I like Devin and all but it would be to obvious, of a choice because of how they first met.

  • Erin Thomson - 8 years ago

    Aysel, definitely. Hunter's too young (no matter how small the gap, a younger guy is just icky), and Devon is too full of himself (please don't give him the satisfaction). I do like Frey, too, although I got the feeling they were just friends.

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