Do you hold doors open for women?

Posted 4 years.


  • Tc - 11 months ago

    Chivalry is dead,women killed it

  • Akash Pramanik - 3 years ago

    I used to hold doors for every one (male/female both) as a common gesture. Science the past 1.5 years I have stopped holding doors for women colleges, even I limited my professional company to male colleagues only, as one of my friend got a warning letter in his office for accidentally stepping upon a female colleague.
    Although the CCTV footage confirmed accidental encounter still the HR and management stood beside the lady.
    I feel the risk of loosing my heard earned reputation for just a simple allegation from any lady. Hence I try to avoid any interactions with women, not because I do not like them but rather I am scared of them.

  • Jbo - 4 years ago

    The problem is now you can be fired for being sexist and sexual harassment for holding doors open.... Though I think it's wrong not to hold the door open for women i have stopped in fear of losing my job and being labeled a sexual offender....

  • Seth Cline - 4 years ago

    I hold open doors because it's an old tradition were I live in Georgia. Here the tradition is fading but if I'm the last spark in the ashes of a fire that was the tradition so be it.

  • redman - 4 years ago

    Why can't it be equial rights

  • Robin Hodson - 4 years ago

    I hold the door open for men, women, and sometimes cats. I don't see why this should be a gender issue.

  • steve w - 4 years ago

    I'm old school, opening doors is simply a polite thing to do. As a busy Manager, taking a moment shows I care, that whatever my pay and status, people matter, if you believe life is a string of moments made memorable by the people in them, then create a shared moment by opening a door, giving a smile and helping to make someone's day!

  • Jane smith - 4 years ago

    If robots were part of society would they hold the door open? Would we say Please and thank you? Maybe the real issue is gratitude. No matter who opens. Or gives courtesy. We say please and thank you.

    Sometimes our hands are full
    Sometimes we don't feel so hot
    Sometimes we feel romantic
    Other times we may be bound by social context

    Maybe guys hold the door open to help. Other times to have a better look. :)

  • Aritra - 4 years ago

    I lost my seat in one of the top Universities of my country to a woman because she was part of the reserved quota with over 15 points below me. I can proudly say, I do not hold doors open for anyone anymore, my hands will only work for me or for someone who is limbless.

  • Angie - 4 years ago

    Totally agree with author. Equality means equality As a female I have held doors for male and females coming through it shows respect for other human beings!

  • Suzanne - 4 years ago

    I hold the door open for everyone since it's a nice thing to do. Sometimes I end up spending about two-three minutes holding the door for everyone that comes by. I personally agree with the author though. No woman should EXPECT a man to hold open the door for her, however if he's nice enough to do it she should thank him for it. Also wtf is wrong with that teacher. Let the boys and girls leave together since instilling equality, and it's ideals start with the children, and I doubt "Ladies first" is equal.

  • Me - 4 years ago

    I don't do it in any circumstance where I wouldn't do it for a man.

    And no *laughing* I don't hold the chair for them or put the seat down after going to the toilet, at least not on account of a female being in the household. One could just as easily ask why a woman won't leave the toilet seat up for me. If she does it, then maybe I will.

  • Vince Bennett - 4 years ago

    You don't hold the door open for women to prove that you are an unmanly pig. I expect you don't hold the chair for them either or put the seat down after you have been to the toilet. Grow up, if you weren't such a spineless twit you would have more respect for the sex that gave birth to you and wiped your bottom as a baby and nose as a toddler.

  • stewart garcia - 4 years ago

    It appears you find it necessary to reaffirm your fragile male ego by refusing to hold a door open. I suggest that in this male predominant society, you DO teach your daughter to asset herself in society and demand her place. That's what we are teaching our daughters. And I DO hope you are still holding the door open for your wife... and your daughter.

  • Eddie - 4 years ago

    I absolutely agree. Some women are so conceited that they brush past you as if you there just to hold the door for them. My natural inclination however, is still to do it.

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