After the release of Ray Rice video assaulting his now wife, do you agree with the punishment by the Baltimore Ravens in terminating his contract ?

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  • Lady J - 9 years ago

    I agree with the Ravens releasing Ray Rice but I don't agree with the NFL banning him from playing ball. The new rule was 6-games for first offense and termination for the second offense. I'm not condoling what he has done by no means but he is clearing being thrown to hell and back. Yes, I am a black woman and I'm against a man hitting a woman and I'm against a woman hitting a man. He never said he did not hit Janay. My question is why do we have to continue to go over this over and over again. If my husband had beat me down. I would not have gotten this amount of attention and neither would anyone besides family and friends would care about me. You guys would talk about it once he was arrested and once he went to trail and that would be it. What about the battered women right now that's being abused by Senators, Congressman and etc who are scared to report it because of all of this . What about the normal nobody. Can they get the same amount of attention.? No, probably not. I really feel like we should truly give them a chance to heal. We have not done that. A crime is a crime no matter what it is. Have we forgotten about some NFL players that has rape woman. Have we forgotten about the NFL player who killed his team mate because he was drunk. Have we forgotten about all of the numerous things that has happened within the NFL and the majority of them are still working for the NFL. What about the cop that continued to drive over the homeless woman over and over again. True we need to focus on Domestic Violence as well as major crimes being committed by our youths black or white. I would like to tell all lets pray for Ray Rice, Janay Rice and Rayven. Can we give them a chance to be rehabilitated?. Can we do that America?

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