What are your plans for the iPhone 6?

  • DaKoder - 7 years ago

    Be enlightened.

  • korkidog - 7 years ago

    I'll stick with my old flip phone and no data plan and use my iPod Touch 5g and iPad Mini to get online via wifi. Heck of a lot cheaper for me to go that route.

  • Chris T - 7 years ago

    I left Apple for Android two years ago because I was bored of their tiny phones. I really hope they release a 5.5" :)

  • Lou Sapphire - 7 years ago

    Looks like there are 1,336 android trolls trolling this poll. Who in their right mind would leave Apple for Android? It's like trading in a 2014 Murcielago for a 2008 Vespa.

  • zxcvbnm - 7 years ago

    android master race

  • Piotek - 7 years ago

    They must do 4" cause everything bigger is just not comfortable in everyday use

  • a - 7 years ago

    I'll get the new 4" as I think 4.7 is way too large. And a possible 5.5 isn't a phone anymore

  • Riaz - 7 years ago

    i'll wait for the 6s before even considering upgrading my 5s...if theres one thing i've seen from apple its always a good idea to wait for the S release...then i'll probably get the 5.5inch 6s

  • DaveN - 7 years ago

    I have a 5s and will wait for the 6s, 7 or later. If NFC is needed for payments, I may switch earlier though if it can be done via an iWatch connected to my 5s and the watch is reasonably priced I may just get a watch and delay a new phone for years.

  • Michael - 7 years ago

    I'm hoping for a good deal through T-mobile, so I can leave AT&T. Maybe they will buy my contract out. I like the sound of 10gigs of data if you buy a tablet as well.

  • Clarence Goh - 7 years ago

    Apple always, and am glad that Apple is bold enough making the right move to up the size in order to compete with Samsung.

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