Should NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell resign over his handling of the Ray Rice case?

  • Solo Acosta - 6 years ago

    Ok, Now I have had enough about this Ray Rice incidents already. I don't care if the NFL didn't go looking for any video tape. I don't even care if the NFL seen the tapes and didn't say anything. People are bashing Roger Goodell like it's his responsibility to enforce the laws of the land. NO IT IS NOT!!!! The NFL is not apart of any Judicial Branch of Government. It is not there responsibly of the NFL to enforce criminal laws. Now I am personally happy with the decision to terminate Ray Rice contracts for his actions but to say he should never play professional football again is CRAZY! Yes for me this season for him should be done and I would even be okay with next season but anything beyond that is nuts and for all of you who are asking for Roger Goodell to step down SHUT UP! Yes he got it wrong the first time and corrected his wrong doings period. He didn't send Rice on that elevator to hit his wife! Some of you are acting as he provoked this situation, stop it. No matter what happens in life we can only move forward and honestly Mrs. Rice is the one who should be questioning her current situation. No one can force her to leave him and as history has recorded she married him. Maybe not the smartest thing for her to do but who is going to stop her? If some of you only focused your attention on issues that have a global impact like this nations educational system or the gap between the rich and poor or better yet the corruption that is alive and well in our political system maybe just maybe this counties future will like bright.

  • J. Myers - 6 years ago

    Roger Goodell sat in front of the CBS reporter and told the biggest lie that has been told on television since Bill Clinton told us that fat one in 1995.

  • Mike Wallace - 6 years ago

    The commissioner sounds more like Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton every day.

  • Cynthia Russell - 6 years ago

    My household will be void NFL football for this season. If changes are made to correct this criminal behavior the NFL corporation has tolerated we may plug in the future. If we did not boycott the NFL in our home we would be accepting this DISGUSTING, brutal, behavior. Please contemplate the only power we the public have and boycott the football season and the sponsors that make this all possible.

  • Lynne Maguire - 6 years ago

    There is NO way, in this day and time and with the resources available to Goodell that he DID NOT know this video existed !! He ABSOLUTELY should be released from his job !!

  • K Nirusen - 6 years ago

    It is finally time for Condoleeza Rice to step into the position!

  • Karen - 6 years ago

    He should have been fired for bounty gate and that malarkey. It was all about the money that the nfl stood to lose if the saints went to the bowl in New Orleans. Sad but true . As far as ray rice goes he should have been kicked out the nfl along with Vick and Ben as soon as it happened. Did the sadist goodell have to see the actual knockout? Was dragging her out the elevator not enough? And as far as she is concerned, she is a victim of abuse, and is acting out like a battered woman, defending his actions. I pray she opens her eyes and leaves before it's too late

  • Lu - 6 years ago

    Agreed, the IRS should strip the NFL of its nonprofit status. The mission to support it's 35 member teams is not charitable. Nobody is helped. Rather, most of their star employees wind up with brain injuries, requiring a whole other charitable mission. Greed, violence, cover ups, crimes. What a stellar reason to not pay ones taxes.

  • JB - 6 years ago

    The NFL should lose its nonprofit status too!

  • Me - 6 years ago

    This isn't his first dance...he's also a homophobic idiot. HE should be taken down for his own comments in addition to lying his ass off about the video.

  • L - 6 years ago

    If the NFL has any sense they'll form a partnership with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (or similar) and truly lead the way. I hope coaches all they way through every player development program in every school are taking this opportunity to talk with their players about honorable behavior on/off the field.

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