When the new U2 album appeared in your iTunes, did you...?

Posted 4 years.


  • Justin - 3 years ago

    I once tried a iPhone, I won't fall for that problem again. How rude of U2 and iTunes to do this and it really comes as no suprise. I actully paid money to iTunes only to discover content of the music I paid for was censored and without any warning.

    U2 is like a virus. I'll stick to android. I have no interest in supporting sub par products like apple or U2. Not Cool.

  • Rui - 4 years ago

    You whiny babies... somebody gives you something for FREE that you can just delete and all you can do is whine. If you don't like it, delete it... and STFU.

  • Brian brown - 4 years ago

    I find it utterly insane that as I walk by my sons iPod that isn't even connected to the iTunes Store he had a picture of two half naked men holding each other on his phone and I now had to explain exactly why men would hold men like that to a 10-year-old boythis is the most ridiculous evil thing that I have seen the world do you so far. no family should ever have to be subject to this kind of behavior. To put things on an iPod or an iPhone without your consent is an absolute invasion of privacy and an invasion of my religious beliefs. Apple sucks

  • Kayla - 4 years ago

    Why is it such a big deal that an album is now on your phone. For free... Honestly it's really not a big deal to me. Kinda a cool surprise and their songs aren't bad. Soo chill guys.

  • dan - 4 years ago

    Wow is this the future , Crap acts you've got no intrest in being foisted on us , lets see who trys it next ..if I could take my music and business elsewhere I'd cancel my account right now , apple take it back I don't want it !

  • Max Headroom - 4 years ago

    I know the band well. This IS an Invasion of Privacy! That's MY STORAGE Space! Tim Cook, You're an OFFICIAL ASSGUY, just as U2 are! Rush (the band) would NEVER have done that! I am really wondering about Apply since Jobs is gone. WOZ, Get in there!! First the make iOS Bland and Ugly, and NOW they Invade Personal Space! POOR FORM!! POOR!!

  • Avary Bryan - 4 years ago

    I don't even know the U2 band. I was mad/suprised when i found it in my music library.

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