Do you prefer the taste of beer out of...

  • david mcmillan - 6 years ago

    sad to read this article only to find its an advert. Shame on the Telegraph. also nonsense to say cans have only been used in last couple of years. Caledonian brewery have had their pale ale in cans for at least 20 years.

  • Andy Hughes - 6 years ago

    Cans are lined with a water based liner so that the beer does not touch any metal so the taste is not affected.
    Cans ensure a better seal to prevent oxygen getting into the beer and spoiling the flavour. There's no light spoiling with cans either.
    I could go on but canning is better for the beer and you.
    In order to get more craft beer in cans are currently providing the UK 1st mobile canning facility. We bring the kit to the Brewers meanibg that more craft ales can be enjoyed by more people

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