What potential payoff would make you miss the birth of your first child?


  • dom - 9 years ago

    For most people just starting out, if you had the chance to win substantial amount of money it would be worth it for you family. I made it to my first child's and almost missed the second. It was a wonderful thing to be there but It's what happens afterwards and over time that really makes the difference. Whatever decision a couple comes up for themselves is all that matters.

  • mike - 9 years ago

    I am probably gonna get divorced after making 10 million anyway

  • Paul Power - 9 years ago

    Assuming that my wife is ok with this the substantial amount of $$$ will certainly assist in the child
    rearing and future educational costs for the new family member......

    Hey a job and a commitment both emotionally and financially to my family are both important but this
    sounds like a win-win situation!

  • Mike - 9 years ago

    While I understand that $10mm is a significant amount of money - the birth of your child happens once. Hmmm..., priorities...

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