Was what Adrian Peterson did to his son child abuse?


  • Animaine Sparkster - 9 years ago

    Every time the spanking debate comes up I hear the same thing over and over; "I got whupped when I was a kid and I turned out just fine".

    1. Some of y'all ain't so fine. Anger issues, can't be in a stable relationship, y'all need to go lay down in a chair and talk to someone.

    2. There's a difference between a spanking and abuse. While I don't think it should ever be the primary mode of discipline, I don't think it's totally off the table depending on the child and the circumstances. But this is ridiculous. In my life I've seen kids get cracked in the head with broomsticks because they wouldn't be quiet and get the falcon smacked for asking a question in a store and being told "I hope it hurts, now shut the fuck up before I fling your little ass across this store." I thought the purpose of discipline was to correct unwanted behavior, not to strike fear into the hearts of the people who depend on you for love and nurturing. The fact that you can beat blood out of your child and have people give you the thumbs up is just another sign of how broken we are as a society.

  • KJ Dolla - 9 years ago

    I'm not one of the people that feels that giving a child a whippin is never called for, but I do feel that it should be a last resort measure after talking and using other methods for correcting behavior. People go to belts, switches, and race car tracks before they even attempt to talk to their child and let them know what the consequences for doing a behavior is and why it's wrong. As for Adrian Peterson, he was wrong as hell. The child is 4 years old, what could he have done to warrant that type of punishment? The child had scars a week later, which tells you how hard he was hitting them. I can't cosign him doing that at all. He needs to get some help and looks like deal with some anger issues, and I hope he gets some of the help he needs.

  • Aaron J - 9 years ago

    Yo, Cap dub back at it. Check it out, i read the previous comment and horribly remember all he spoke of. Thanks to modern medicine, technology, and advances and psychological learning, we now know all that was wrong. It was a hard concept for me to understand too when first presented to me. Yes, the previous commenter is an obvious case of programming through violence and its sad. It happened to me, it happened to lots i know. We know that hitting a child isn't the way to do it anymore.

  • 0roburos - 9 years ago

    I remember back in the days gettin those ass whoopins like most everyone else my age (40) , And one time Mom gave me a rare choice (with some of my friends waiting outside. ) ,A Quick whoopin or a weeks punishment in the house, with no TV .. and yeah it was summer too soo.. I did the dance, a few hops, lap or two around the living room ( dont make me chase you boy) and a few tears.. I took it like a young man, and yeah everyone knew i got a whoopin, but hey it builds character right? as the youngest of three boys in a single parent home you learn to hide those big belts when you know u did something wrong, or better yet, dont do nothing wrong.. Actions and consquences ya dig. Back then whoopins was passed out by Neighbors if you did something too wrong around them as well.. (It takes a village, and the village was mostly Black) Try that shit these days. I remember once the whole street got beatings at the same time, (we was all playin with matches and almost burned down a garage but yeah, we deserved it, a few welts after that one, but best believe no one was playing with matches after that one (well maybe that one white kid who hung out with us) but yeah, when you see blood its time to call it a day.

    And who dont remember Rog talkin to his mom all conflict resolution but still gettin them whoopins at the end of a few "Whats Happening" episodes.

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