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  • Mara - 5 years ago

    I went to a clinic first,, about 8:30am on a weekend, as I felt really ill. they took some blood and referred me to NDH. NDH was set to give me a blood transfusion based on the blood tests I brought with me. But NDH took a capsule of blood and said they did not need to do that. The two sets of blood readings, done 2-3hours apart were very different, almost impossible, I was told. I had nothing to Eat, only sipped water I brought with me. I take no medications. The clinic told me they calibrated their blood machine in the morning. NDH was clean and put me in a little room where I could lie down. They x-rayed my lungs, did a cat scan and sent me home about 3pm, saying see my local doctor, Within 3 days, which I understand is standard. I felt better the next day. About a week and half later I had an appt. with my local doctor. I have no idea what happened or why I felt so sick that day.

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