What grade do you give the 'Finding Carter' season finale?

  • Leighlee jackson - 6 years ago

    My daughter and i are dying for the next season!! Its been great so far we really want to know what happened between lori and david!!!!!

  • Emily - 7 years ago

    So many questions. And NO answers.
    Question One: What went on between David and Lori?
    Question Two: Why did Lori kidnap Carter again?
    Question Three: What's wrong with Max?
    Question Four: Why did Max break up with Taylor?
    Question Five: Why can't the writers write Lori and crash out of the series.

  • Jessica Kelly - 7 years ago

    I love this show! So does my daughter! I cant wait for it to return! Now after watching the last episode totally heartbreaking max n taylor splitting! I am dying to know though why lori was tartgeting elizabeth n david! Only thing i keep thinking is david had an affair with lori?! God HURRY n come back on! So proud of mtv cuz i hate 90% of the shows but this one rocks!

  • Mike - 7 years ago

    I feel at this point that Lori is Carter's real blood mother. It seemed to me that Crash was bad because he'd been blamed for the death of his brother. It seems like Max will have more anger because of what Crash has done to him. Max may not be such a popular character if his personality changes a lot.

  • Madison - 7 years ago

    Every episode had me breathless, and on edge. The season finale had me crying when max broke up with taylor, and again when lorie clearly drugged carter and took her from her family. This show turned out to be my favorite ever!

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