Is this Vancouver Whitecaps FC commercial of three young women sexist and misogynistic?

  • rammer - 6 years ago

    because emily's a beautiful young woman? let's use rosie o'donnell videos instead. that's o.k.

  • lani - 6 years ago

    American Apparel print ads are misogynist. the new J Lo and Iggy Azaela video is horrible and objectifies women. If that video featured a couple of men bragging about their junk it would be pulled.

  • David Cline - 6 years ago

    another great article on the topic

  • pete - 6 years ago

    i agree with Clint and bob. do gooders strike again

  • Clint - 6 years ago

    Really people? ! There is no nudity or see through clothing! what is the problem?!
    Religious fanatics I'm guessing?!
    People need to chill don't like it?!..don't watch! Watch some cartoons instead. Offended by 3 girlfriends enjoying the game!..Some people really make me laugh!

  • Bob - 6 years ago

    You can't be serious

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