SPEAK UP: Are you concerned with the spread of Lyme disease? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Have you ever completed a 5K race? 42 Yes, 61 No

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  • Paula Kozinn - 5 years ago

    The CDC has announced that Lyme (spirochetes) are transmitted through blood transfusions, sexual intercourse and in vitro. A minimum estimate of 300,000 new cases of Lyme are being reported per year, in the US alone, equaling an epidemic.

    This is an extremely debilitating disease that can leave people unable to care for themselves. ALS deaths are being determined at autopsy, as misdiagnosed illness -- when it was Lyme and the deceased could have been treated with antibiotics. These cases have lead to wrongful death suits.

    Ticks do not just carry Lyme. They carry over 300 "diseases", One tick bite can introduce several or more of them to your bloodstream.

    Lyme is easy to get and hard to cure.

  • PHuiras - 5 years ago

    Very concerned. So many people do not take it seriously and are not informed-including doctors.

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