What grade do you give 'Under the Dome's Season 2 finale?

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  • Noonie Max - 4 years ago

    Whybthe men don't "repopulate" with all the women and girls is beyond me. I mean, if they think it's the end, they'd start with the teenagers and work up to the older ones who aren't half bad for a small town. There'd be rope pushing all day!

  • David - 5 years ago

    it must be a episode 14. but i cant find any stream who shows it...... S02 E13 cant be the last one!!!!!!!11111

  • lucifr - 5 years ago

    the series is a good show to watch it keeps you into whatis going on and how things can change with no explanation .... i would like to see what happens to julia, and jr, and where the dome leads the town too when melanie says we're going home ........ tis another good story by stephen king

  • Art - 5 years ago

    I think we have seen the last episode of "The Dome". Where could Melanie possibly leading them to??
    I hope the writers have something up their sleeve, but....................................

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