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Is there still a need for high-end DSLR cameras with APS-C size sensors? (Poll Closed)

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  • Nick Czudy - 10 years ago

    Now that full frame DSLRs are out, I have one for important professional jobs and to be able to use my large collection of 35mm specialty lenses, especially in the wide angle category, Wide angles on APS-C type sensors were always disappointing. So rather than a smaller DSLR, I shoot with some Compact System mirror less cameras that can also use many of my still lenses but keep them on me constantly.
    As for the Canon rambling above, it is all Greek to me. I have always thought that Canon's model progression was confusing, incoherent and making no sense at all. Regards

  • Paul Russell - 10 years ago

    7D2 looks to have the (presently) best performing AF in the EOS line, when the original was launched it has the best video feature set amongst it's peers (a PAL mode suitable for UK use for example, full manual without hacking)

    Yes a 1DX may well be better in absolute terms, but it's 3x the price.

    It also so happens that the reach advantage (much debated in dull forums everywhere) assists sports and nature togs who will also want the very accurate AF and very fast drive.

    I'm happy to shoot APS-C because I work mainly in video. My 7D is a good B camera to my c100+ninja and there is no issue with image circles etc.

    The 7D is more a 1Dx lite than a compromised 5D3. Different end users. The 6D is more like a full frame rebel in some regards (AF, speed) but thats fine, it's a broad church. And it goes well beyond DSLRs.

    Folks need to think less about pixel count, be less hung up on high ISO noise and DR. The people buying or enjoying your images will not care one jot.

    There is a forum dedicated to canon gear and some of the kit lists folk have would frighten you. Not much image sharing goes on, and when it does, so called 'full frame' doesn't always stand out, as the x factor is the photographer.

    The 7D2 looks like an incremental upgrade to the 7D. My 7D is still running fine, and with the right lightroom mix gives me great images up to iso3200. I don't ever tend to need higher than that because I use supplementary lighting.

    I would love to see a 7D2a with ISO that started at 25....

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