What Bothers You Most?

Posted 4 years.


  • Marcus McCue - 2 years ago

    Hi. I recently hit the big 40, and as a birthday present I received a face full of wrinkles ...........
    I want to try a a free sample of Collagen cream but I also suffer from greasy, acne prone skin.
    In the past the Collagen cream I have tried made my acne a lot worse!
    Can anyone recommend a cream that may suite my skin?
    Please help me! Kind regards Marcus.

  • Marcus - 2 years ago

    I suffer from all sorts of skin problems! I have just turned the big 40 and one of my birthday presents was old looking skin.
    I also suffer from greasy acne prone skin and I have found in the past that the Collagen creams make my acne worse!
    Can anyone recommend an anti wrinkle cream that works, but does not cause skin to go greasy.
    Please help! Thank you Marcus.

  • lettie - 3 years ago

    Spider veins, sagging, scars, big pores.

  • kim - 3 years ago

    Lip lines mouth lines and loss of firmness the neck area as well...all concern me as does Parabens Philates formaldehyde, I want to make sure the environment of my body is safe while I anti age and the environment of the planet too.
    How does this Dermology product
    line up in the chemical scheme of things?

  • Rolly wood - 4 years ago

    Thanks for sharing


  • lucy rierson - 4 years ago

    really would like to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles. Garnier got rid of my dark spots in a few weeks

  • Linette - 4 years ago

    I only chose wrinkles as the thing I'm most concerned with because there wasn't an option for loss of firmness.