Is Torture A Common Investigative Technique In Nigeria?
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  • Chris E - 7 years ago

    Dr Ameh is hallucinating in a figment of his imagination,how can he come out and say that Torture is not a common technique in Nigeria?Take for example men of the Nigeria Police are known for consistent patterns of abuse,unjustly depriving someone of his liberty to coerce him or her amounts to torture,merciless beating and sometimes killing of suspects in the hands of Police officers,particularly SARS is unjustified.Dr Ameh should please apologise to Nigerian's and the international community for actually denying the obvious.As far as I am concerned torture is a common practice in our society,the Government should stop paying lip service to issues bothering around torture and start emphasising that offenders would be punished.The likes of Dr Ameh would do more harm than good to Nigeria.

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