Should Britain go to war against Isil?

Posted 4 years.


  • disqusted - 4 years ago

    Air-strikes will fail, and only when local regional military forces co-ordinate an offensive against ISIS will any long-term, effective results be achieved. Cameron will pay dearly for any British intervention in May 2015. Trying to deny this is not just another 2003 is futile. We shouldn't have invaded in 2003, and we shouldn't get involved now. The threat from ISIS is far more acute in Iraq and neighbouring countries than it is in to the West. Iraq has 270,000 active military personnel and 500,000+ reservists - 50 times the size of ISIS. Saudi Arabia has 75,000 and 300 combat aircraft! It's time they sorted out their own dirty linen.

  • Stephen Crowe - 4 years ago

    Could some please explain how ISIL is able to illegally sell oil form the wells it controls. They are reported to receive £2 million per day this way! Surely, we should implement an effective economic embargo before we start bombing. To put it another way, if we can't squeeze them economically how can we hope to beat them militarily?

  • Aethelbald - 4 years ago

    Woolly minded questions. Britain is hardly a world power, and stuff could go right and make Britain a target.

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